How to Find Time to Exercise

How to Find Time to Exercise

It’s not always easy to find the time to dedicate yourself to a physical activity or block off a few hours for a sports session. Work, family life and other responsibilities -- I’m sure many of you already have your 24 daily hours filled with things to do. But here are a few small ideas to help you use your muscles throughout the day.

You're full of motivation, but can't find the time for physical activity. You cancel one out of two (okay, maybe even two out of three) of the midday swimming sessions you've blocked off… how can you easily integrate exercise into your daily life.

  1. Sometimes, you have to force yourself

Dr. Feltz, a sports medicine specialist, shared some tips with me on how to take up (or restart) daily exercise … “It’s possible to turn necessary walks into healthy opportunities,” says the doctor. “The idea is to tell yourself that the 2 miles separating you from your place of work gives you the opportunity for a healthy walk. An invigorating walk, in which you’re just at the edge of being out-of-breath, can let you partially or fully complete the 30 daily minutes of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization.”

  1. The electric bicycle: an agreeable, useful tool

Daily commutes, which can turn into a sporty walk or bike ride, can become main supporters of your daily activity. What’s more, they’re not constrained to your daily commute. “The electrically supported bike is also a great way to start or restart exercise. The electric bike, which has a motor that can be quickly turned on, makes it fun for people to exercise moderately, but regularly,” says Dr. Feltz.

  1. Get off the bus one stop early

“At the end of the workday -- because it’s sometimes easier to do it at the end of the day than in the morning -- you could also get off the bus early and finish your commute by foot,” says Joelle Jolly, a health educator. “And when you arrive home, take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

The point is to let you develop habits or rituals that fill your day with physical effort. And if it’s a habit, you need less motivation to tackle the day. It’ll enter into your schedule. You won’t think about it, but you’ll still benefit from the joy and energy expenditure that physical exercise brings!

Tell us which tips help you integrate physical activity into your day.

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