How to Keep Running Even When Its Cold Outside

How to Keep Running Even When Its Cold Outside

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Getting into running while temperatures are low? Want to start running despite the chill outside? If you're looking to get active while it's cold outside, we've got some ideas that'll help you stay on the run.

The most important part: wearing layers

Make sure you wear several pieces of clothing that can be opened (unzipped) or peeled off with ease. You'll want to be able to regulate your temperature when you heat up as you getting into your full intensity during your run. You'll want to ensure your the layer closest to your skin (the base layer) is one that'll trap heat and expell moisture. Look for a base layer that is moisture wicking to get rid of perspiration while you're on the move. Consider getting base layer leggings in extra cold climates (and waterproof pants in the case of unfriendly weather).

Your next layer should be the one that's keeping warmth in. Look for a material like fleece or down that'll keep your own body heat in. Avoid anything too insulating; you still want your body to be able to breathe. Some of our mid-layer jackets will have some water-repellent properties to protect you against light rain. If you're looking for extra protection against the elements, your outermost layer should be fully waterproof and windproof. You'll want to find something that still offers breathability without letting in rain, sleet, or snow.

Cover up parts that you normally wouldn't

It's not just your legs and torso that fight for you to stay warm. You'll want to pick up some gloves, a scarf, and a hat before you head out. Make sure that they allow your skin to breathe while keeping enough heat it so you don't get too hot nor too cold. If you find that your ears are geting cold, too, then consider earmuffs! Sunglasses may also protect you from freezing winds.

Against the wind, then with it

If the wind is traveling in a certain direction, make sure you grab your windbreaker and head out head-first into it. Why? Because on the way back (when you're more tired) you'll be moving with it. This will make it so you're not moving against wind resistance (and maybe even feel like you're getting a boost).

Illuminate yourself

Things get darker much earlier in the winter and weather conditions may make it even harder to see. Make sure you bring runnings lights with you to illuminate your path and to illuminate your body so you communicate your presence to others. This is especially important if you're running along roads with a lot of traffic.

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