How to Use Your Exercise Bike Properly

Discover the benefits of this cardio training device and follow our tips for getting started.

How to Use Your Exercise Bike Properly
#1 Why Use an Exercise Bike? 

An exercise bike is accessible to everyone and good for the whole family. It's a solid, compact piece of equipment that lasts over time.

You can train at home, without depending on the weather, all year round! Exercise bikes allow you to:

- Get back into shape: it's an ideal piece of equipment to help you get or stay in shape, and improve your performance

- Lose weight: exercise bikes help burn fat. Alongside a suitable diet, it helps to slim your figure

- Work on your heart without too much strain: it improves your cardiovascular endurance

- Physical training: it allows you to build strength without any risk to your joints

Exercise bikes provide a cardio workout focusing on the lower body (thighs, calves, and glutes). The seated position also allows you to relieve the "weight of your body" compared to a standing position (such as a cross trainer). So the movement is gentle and low-impact on your joints.


#2 Proper Adjustment

Before beginning an exercise bike workout, proper adjustments are essential. To do so, we recommend adjusting the height of the saddle to your hip height. Your leg should be slightly bent when your foot is at the lowest point on the pedal. On certain models, you can also adjust the depth of the saddle, along with the height of the handlebars, in order to easily adapt to your body type.


#3 Proper Positioning

To get started, choose one of 3 positions based on your workout goals:

- back straight for maximum comfort (particularly recommended in case of low back pain)

- slightly inclined back, for a balance between comfort and pedaling power

- inclined back, for an athletic position that allows you to release your maximum power when pedaling.

The Right Exercise

The basic exercise on an exercise bike is none other than pedalling. You're on the road to fitness!


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