Re-start Your Resolutions: Get Back on the Wagon

Re-start Your Resolutions: Get Back on the Wagon

Our Adjustable Strength Training Dumbbell Set has everything you need to get started and keep going

1) Take a step back and re-adjust

A lot of us around the world have similar resolutions: eat healthier, exercise more, or reach a healthy weight. Hopefully you set some realistic and concrete goals with subgoals that are attainable. If you did not set specific and attainable goals, it may be a good idea to make some small and concrete goals on the way to reach the ultimate one.

If you did already set small, attainable, and concrete subgoals, then it might be time to re-adjust. Take a step back and take on a new perspective: maybe you goals were too. Lower your resolution goals a bit and revisit them. Forgive yourself for not meeting your expectations and feel confident knowing you're going to be better at sticking to your goals.

2) Celebrate what you've accomplished

Even if you haven't reached your goals so far, you should reflect on the progress you've made, even if it's small. What kind of steps have you taken? You're off to a good start! When you're back on your journey, make sure you take a moment to appreciate how far you come. When you reach a goal, make sure you celebrate yourself!

3) Talk to your support system

Talk to the people you know about your struggles and your journey! They may be able to offer you advice or be able to keep you motivated. If you share your goals, you're more likely to stick with them by holding yourself accountable. Your friend can hold you accountable too!

4) Don't give up!

Last but not least, it's important to not quit. Be compassionate with yourself. Practice makes perfect--even if you think you failed the first time around, that's just part of the journey! Be sure to keep going--you won't regret it!

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