The Benefits of Pilates

The Benefits of Pilates

Nearly 100 years old, the Pilates method hasn't aged a day and continues to offer benefits! Pilates, a method created for generally improving your long-term physical shape, is devoted to toning many different muscle groups, not only the visible ones. Without aggressive movements, you will engage different muscles, strengthening those that need to be strengthened, and particularly working on your transverse abdominal—the deep muscle that is responsible for supporting your body.

Your best posture

Fluidity, precision, controlled movements, centering, breathing, and concentration are the six founding principles of the Pilates method. With all that, you are well-equipped to do yourself some good!

Pilates techniques engage a number of muscles, primarily the abs, back, and glutes, notes Caroline Bonnière, our osteopath consultant. Strengthening these different muscle groups allows them to carry us better. A toned transverse muscle is a better supported back. These techniques allow you to develop your body, gain flexibility, and strengthen the muscles that are essential to maintaining a good posture. This full mobilization of your spine relieves some types of pain. It is incredibly effective at preventing a number of chronic illnesses, including lumbago, rheumatism, osteoporosis.

If you spend time in front of a computer, Pilates will motivate you to sit up straighter and extend your spine, rather than hunching over.

Naturally straighter

Oh yes, it's out of the question to stand any old way: correct movement and posture are the essential factors to consider. The idea is to truly respect the poses you are doing, to be more aware of your body and the right way to move it! It's something that we sometimes forget, swept up in the pace of our daily tasks. Movement after movement, workout after workout, holding the right posture will seem more and more natural. And good habits—helped with stronger and stronger muscles—will start to click in. At work, at home, on your commute. You'll naturally stand up straighter!

A tip from Caroline Bonnière:

“Always start by placing and lengthening your back, no matter the position, and make all efforts as you exhale, since that is when your core engages.”

Back straight & tummy flat!

A toned transverse is also a flatter tummy. And you'll quickly see results! Effects that, in addition to the wellness breaks that your workouts provide, will do wonders for your wellbeing.

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