Learn How to Roller Blade

Learn How to Roller Blade

Our FIT100 Inline Roller Skates for men and women are perfect for starting out!

Always wanted to learn how to travel on wheels, but unsure of how to learn? Here is a step-by-step tutorial with videos for learning movements and techniques for rollerblading, otherwise known as inline skating. Before experiencing the pleasure of gliding along cycle routes or through town, learn the basics of the sport that is accessible to all. Here are a few exercises to help you start off, including how to stand up, push off, brake and turn!

How to start skating

To get started, we recommend the following two exercises:

  • Alternate between moving your legs outwards and back inwards at low speeds to help master speed, balance and turns.

  • Position your skates at 45° to the outside, and take small steps to walk with the skates on your feet. Your steps should gradually transform into skating. It's the ideal way to get started.

Standing up with skates

To stand up from the ground, first stand on your knees (make sure you wear knee pads). Lift one foot and turn your knee to the outside so that one skate rests flat on the ground.

Then turn your upper body a quarter of a turn, lean your weight on your raised leg, then stand and put your other skate onto the ground.

Braking in parallel

As you skate, position your skates perpendicular to your direction of travel with one quick, smooth movement. Try to lean your skates to skate along, and keep your knees bent.

Think about where you are going: to turn right, bend slightly to the left before turning your skates to the right to brake.

Braking with a powerslide

First, advance one of your two skates forwards. Then, turn the front skate 90°, positioning the rear skate in the opposite direction to your direction of travel. Rest your weight on your back leg as you brake with the front leg.

Skating backwards

Start from a neutral standing position, with your feet parallel. Spread your heels apart, then bring them back together as you push backwards using the front of your skates. When skating backwards, lean your weight forwards.

Once you're confident with this movement: move your feet in S shapes by spreading the heels and bringing them back together, making wider and wider movements.

Turning on your skates

To perform a turn stop, first position one skate at a 90° angle to the direction you wish to turn, then the other skate. For a half turn, carry out two 90° turns.

To turn as you skate, you should push outwards with your outside skate as you take small steps with it. The inside skate never even has to leave the ground.

To turn as you skate, you can also use the same movements as for a turn stop, including on a slalom. First position a skate in the right direction, then put more weight on it as you move the other skate.


Advance one of your skates forwards, then pivot your body 90° (e.g. if the right foot is forward, pivot body to the left). Bend the rear leg and position the front skate at a right angle to it, angled to glide.

Braking with a brake pad

To brake with a brake pad, advance one of the skates forwards and rest your hands on your front knee. Then lift the front of the skate until the brake pad touches the ground. Maintain the pressure until you come to a complete stop.

Don't forget to wear knee and elbow pads to make sure your first experience doesn't end with bumps and scrapes

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