Roller Skating

Roller Skating

About Our Roller Skating Collection

Looking to get into roller skating for the first time? Need new gear for the next roller derby? Oxelo, Decathlon’s skating brand, has all the skating gear you need–for men, women, and kids–for your next outing on the rink.

Styles and features

Our inline fitness skates provide excellent glide quality with ABEC bearings. The wheels come in various sizes. The stiff cuff and rigid structure ensure control while the interior foam or 3D mesh provides comfort so you can keep going. Our kids inline fitness skates are adjustable. Find out how to choose the right one

Looking for quad skates? Sporting rubber wheels and brakes for superior handle, our quad skates have ABEC bearings for a smooth ride. The foam liner ensures a comfortable fit. Once you have everything you need, helmets and pads are essential. Our skate helmets are stable and protect against falls while providing vents for better temperature regulation while you’re on the go. Our pads are comfortable, adjustable, and most importantly: safe, protecting against scrapes and hard shocks from falls.