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Climbing, Mountaineering

Here is the first wave of our full range of Climbing and Mountaineering products.
Our Brand is working on making sure every Decathlon product will become available throughout the US.
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Climbing Apparel View All Products

Climbing Bandana Edge


Climbing Beanie Olivier


Men's Climbing T-shirt Challenge


Men's Climbing Shirt


Men's Climbing Shirt


Men's Climbing Shirt


Mountaineering Apparel View All Products

Climbing Hat Alpinism


Hiking Mountaineer Stretch Balaclava


Climbing Sprint Gloves


Climbing Mountain Leather Gloves II


Hiking Cascade Glove


Mountaineering 2-in-1 Gloves


Backpacks View All Products

Climbing Backpack Sprint 30


Climbing Bigwall Bag


Jorasses Backpack - 40L


Mountaineering 22


Mountaineering Backpack Alpinism Ultralight 55


Mountaineering Backpack Ultralight 55


Climbing Ropes View All Products

Rock Climbing Rope 60 M


Climbing Rope Rock+ 70 M


Climbing Rope Rock+ 10 MM X 70 M


Climbing Rope Rock+ 10 MM X 80 M


Climbing Big Wall Rope

From $96.90

Climbing Rock Rope

From $42.90

Chalk and Chalk Bags View All Products

Climbing Mountain Rocket Chalk Bag


Climbing Chalk Bag Chalk Is My Honey


Climbing Chalk Bag Hindies


Climbing Chalk Bag Knit


Climbing Chalk Bag Vuarde


Climbing Carabiners Chalk Bag


Climbing Gear View All Products

Climbing Carabiner Rocky


Carabiner Screwgate Rocky D-Shaped


Screwgate Carabiner 3000


Screwgate Carabiner 3000


Goliath Poli Carabiner


Screwgate Carabiner HMS Goliath


Climbing Harnesses View All Products

Climbing Harness Easy 3


Climbing Adjustable Rock Harness


Crashpad, Climbing Holds View All Products

Climbing Board Training Beam Simond Ballsy