Rain Jackets & Raincoats

Rain Jackets & Raincoats

All-season, versatile rain jackets and raincoats

It’s important to choose a rain jacket or raincoat that’s right for any season. Whether you need a lightweight hiking jacket for summer drizzles or something heavier for winter storms, Decathlon has a versatile selection of rain jackets and raincoats in various sizes.

Discover the best waterproof raincoats

To stay completely dry in heavy rain, get a waterproof raincoat with advanced waterproof fabrics, breathable membranes, and sealed seams. These features keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather conditions. Explore other great options in men's rain jackets, including styles that are both waterproof and breathable.

Breathable rain jackets for active lifestyles

Are you running, hiking, or cycling? Our rain jackets feature ventilation and breathable membranes, allowing you to stay cool during high-intensity activities. Explore our range of lightweight jackets optimized for various outdoor sports, including women's rain jackets designed for superior comfort.

Premium materials for optimal performance

Our rain jackets are made from high-quality, waterproof materials for maximum comfort and protection. Choose from a wide range of sizes and insulation options to find the perfect fit for any weather condition. From lightweight jackets to hiking apparel, you’ll find your next favorite rain jacket at Decathlon.

Raincoats versus rain jackets

Raincoats and rain jackets both protect against rain but differ in style and coverage. Raincoats offer longer coverage and are ideal for heavy rain, while rain jackets are shorter and more fitted for easy mobility. Discover Decathlon’s entire collection of raincoats and rain jackets today.