Hiking Hoodie

Hiking Hoodie

About Our Hiking Hoodies Collection

Going out into the wilderness? Whether you're hiking in the mountains, scaling a rock face, or descending into a dark cave, our hiking & camping gear will have you ready for your next adventure.


Quechua is our in-house hiking & camping brand, with a design center in Mont-Blanc, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products. Our Quechua brand makes lightweight hiking clothing and footwear to make your excursion in the outdoors safe, fun, and fulfilling without sacrificing any comfort. We have a wide range of hiking clothing to make your trip as easy as can be, whether you're going on a short trip or spending a week on the trail. Our hiking pants are made with quick-dry technology so you can keep going without having to worry about getting caught off-guard by unexpected weather. If you're looking for more heavy-duty gear, our hiking jackets and hiking pants are made with durable material so they withstand the elements and last on your trip. They are waterproof and some even feature breathable technology so you can stay cool on your travels.

Hiking Accessories

We also develop and manufacture hiking accessories, such as hiking backpacks, hiking boots, and hiking socks. We even design special hiking shoes, such as hiking boots, hiking shoes, and hiking sandals. We also make hiking accessories like hiking poles, hiking bags, and hiking headlamps.