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Last call

It's that time for us to make a change!

These amazing products are in the middle of our design revamp process. We take great care to continually improve our product year after year, in part thanks to your feedback! We have new and improved versions coming soon, more technical than the last!

In the meantime, we need to make some room and are offering these amazing products at an even greater value than before! Check it out!

Men's Gym & Pilates Regular-Fit T-Shirt Sportee


Ultra-Compact Backpack 10L

From $2.49

Ultra-Compact Microfiber Swim Towel

From $2.49

Men's Ski Base Layer Simplewarm

From $5.99

Women's Hiking Fleece Forclaz 50


Ultra-Soft Microfiber Dry Swim Towel

From $6.99

Snorkeling Aquashoes 50

From $5.99

Snorkeling Aquashoes 100


Men's Gym & Pilates Skinny-Fit T-Shirt

From $5.49

Men's Tennis Shorts Essential 100


Women's Nature Hiking Hoodie Arpenaz 100


Men's Mid Waterproof Mountain Hiking Boots Forclaz 100


Ski Gloves Acces


Snorkeling Fins 100


Women's Hiking Fleece Forclaz 200

From $14.90

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