Who we are: Kalenji

Who we are: Kalenji

Find your rhythm, enjoy your run

From Villeneuve d'Ascq, near Lille in the north of France, the 79 men and women who make up the Kalenji brand design, create, and build while drawing from their passion for running day in day out, all whilst thinking 10, 100 years into the future. This constant search for new innovations goes hand-in-hand with Kalenji's aim to get as many people running for the long-term as possible, from the age of 6 and up.

With Kalenji, It's important to run at your own pace: this is something that only your body – and not your willpower – can dictate; the rhythm at which each one of us feels in sync with ourselves and with nature. The brand's most important goal is to make the pleasure of running available to everyone by awakening and nurturing that most natural and demanding of urges: the desire to run.

Kalenji, the French running brand

Kalenji, a brand entirely dedicated to running, offers a complete range of running gear for all levels, terrains and distances.

At Kalenji, the runner takes priority. Function, safety, and convenience are the three imperatives. The inception stage of the product creation process involves observing and listening to runners and trail racers out on the course itself. "What is the functional requirement of this product before, during, and after the race?"


Our athlete partner developers

Stephane DIAGANA

World 400-meter Hurdles Champion 1997,
holder of the European record time of 47""37

Thierry BREUIL

Trail Team Champion 2011

Benjamin MALATY

France's top finisher at the 2013 Paris Marathon in 2h12


France's top finisher at the 2014 Berlin Marathon, in 2h24'39"


European Cross-Country Champion 2013


Top finisher at Templiers 2010 (71km)


Working closely with runners at our race partner events

Kalenji has shown its intent to transform its race partner events into a special reunion between brand and runner; where race conditions test Kalenji products to their limits.

The Nice Prom'classic: France's first 10km

An unmissable challenge on the National and European early year running calendar, with an international participation rate of almost 10%, the Prom'Classic blew out its 16th birthday candle in 2015, and celebrated the 3-year anniversary of its partnership with Kalenji. Performances, individual and collective challenges, a friendly atmosphere, its status as the people's festival; just a few of the contributing factors that have helped turn Nice's running race into a renowned classic.

Prom'Classic presents Kalenji with a platform to face the challenge from its fiercest competitors in terms of technical features, comfort and versatility.

The Festival des Templiers: a trail of legendary proportions

The date is set. 2015 will see the first edition of the Kalenji Festival des Templiers. Having been involved with the festival for 4 years, Kalenji has now become a partner of this legendary race that first set trail runners' pulses racing in France over 20 years ago. It boasts excellent routes, a backdrop of wild and unspoiled nature, nearly 30,000 visitors, and races that range from 9 km to 100 km.

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