Who we are: Quechua backpacks

Who we are: Quechua backpacks

Carry your dreams even higher


Carrying comfort

Carry your backpack with ease. Our backpacks are designed for your comfort



20L / Weight: 2.5 lbs/ Dimensions: Height: 22''; Width: 11''; Depth: 8''

Carrying comfort

Thumb rests. Load adjusters. Ventral and pectoral support belt.


Ventilated back, adjustable straps and a ventilated belt.


Pockets: 2 outside pockets, 1 inside pocket, 2 lateral net pockets, 2 belt pockets.

Friction resistance

10 year warranty


protective cover incorporated into the backpack!


Our laboratory tests

Laboratory tests are run to ensure the quality of the components: fabrics, buckles, straps, foam, zippers, etc.
Ex: resistance to abrasion, tearing, water resistance…

We test the finished products using methods that recreate backpack usage over several years to ensure the quality of our manufacturing. We fill the backpack with weights on using a model that recreates the movements of brisk walking for thousands of cycles. 

Our real-condition tests in the mountains

The design team works with hikers outside of Quechua to push the backpacks to their limits.

Back ventilation

Efficient air circulation to control heat and humidity. Our air cooling label means the the backpack has a ventilated back that quickly gets rid of perspiration. 


Resists friction to stay durable for years. A 10 year warranty, a technical partnership: The heavy stitching research and development department—partner of Quechua for the research and validation of components and assembling—conducted tests simulating backpack ageing. These tests were for the component, the stitches and the finished product. Their results allow Quechua to ensure tested backpacks for 10 years starting at the purchase date written on the receipt.


Every component in our backpacks is optimized to be lightweight; Hikers have to carry all of their equipment wherever they go. That’s why we design our products so that they are lighter and ensure greater freedom of movement.



Product engineer

As an engineer I ensure the link between design and production.
First, I receive the brief from the product manager stating the functionalities and requirement of the future backpack. Depending of the state of design I work with the product manager, the designer, the model maker, the production manager and the production factory.

In order to ensure the resistance of backpacks we first test the components.
Associated with the production standards, I obtain the definitive resistance of the product.
Then, I run tests in the lab on the finished products, simulating the repeated movement during hiking, and then in the mountains. 


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