How Do You Use and Store Your Camping Mattress Correctly?

How Do You Use and Store Your Camping Mattress Correctly?

Test your mattress before leaving home

All our mattresses are inflated once before leaving the factory in order to check their correct functioning.

However, we recommend that you inflate it once after purchase, before use. This is to check that the product has not been damaged during transport, therefore avoiding any unpleasant surprises when you arrive at the camp-site.

Inflate your mattress to the right pressure

It is never easy to properly inflate your mattress. By under-inflating it, you risk sleeping badly and not being comfortable. By over-inflating it, you risk creating micro-cracks and also causing backache.

To be sure to properly inflate your mattress, a tip: once your mattress is inflated, sit on it. You should feel the ground close to your bottom. When lying down, the air pressure will be distributed under your entire body and will provide you with optimum comfort.

If you have a pump with a pressure gauge, we recommend that you inflate your mattress to a pressure level of approximately 0.3 to 0.5 PSI. For self-inflating mattresses, you can let the mattress inflate by itself with the valve open for several minutes before finishing the inflation by mouth. It may take a little patience to re-inflate because the foam may take a little time to thicken.

If you spend several nights in the same place, you can leave your mattress inflated. You may need to re-inflate it slightly each day, but it is best to avoid successive inflation-deflation.

"The more inflated my mattress is, the more comfortable it will be"

Wrong! The best inflation is in fact the when you are sitting on the mattress and your bottom can feel the ground. When lying down, the mattress will then hug your whole body and therefore offer you the best comfort. Over-inflation is the number one factor in the wear and tear of a mattress. So save your breath and have a better night's sleep!

Prepare your sleeping zone

To avoid punctures as much as possible, the first step to take before installing your mattress is to prepare the ground that will accommodate it.

- clear stones (large and small), branches, large thorns, pieces of wood and anything that could pierce the groundsheet of your tent,

- avoid being too close to a source of heat (gas stove, camp fire),

- prevent the angle of a piece of camping furniture or any other protruding object from leaning against your mattress.

Grass is the ideal ground for setting up your tent and therefore an inflatable mattress. The best way to protect your mattress is to place it on a camp bed. It will therefore be off the ground.

A good reflex to have is not to expose your mattress to significant variations in temperature (by leaving it in the sun all afternoon, for example).

Storing your mattress

Properly storing your mattress during and after use allows you to extend its lifespan.

The best way to deflate your mattress is to let it deflate on its own.

We advise you to pick a surface without protruding objects when folding it up. You can then roll it up by first folding it widthways into 2 for 70 cm wide mattresses, 3 for 120 cm wide mattresses, and 4 for 140 cm wide mattresses. Then roll the mattress along its length, starting on the side opposite the valve to evacuate the remaining air as the compression progresses. And store it in its protective cover.

For storing your mattress, two options are possible:

- if you have enough space, the best way to store your mattress is to keep it slightly inflated, flat and at room temperature (under your bed or upright in a closet for example).

- if you don't have a lot of space, you can store it folded in its cover in a dry and ventilated place.

If you use your mattress at home: put a sheet or a blanket underneath it

Cleaning your mattress

To properly clean your mattress, the easiest solution is to use a damp cloth.

We do not recommend using products that could damage the components of the mattress.

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