How to Choose Your Camping Tent

On vacation, traveling, for a weekend? Your tent goes with you depending on what you feel like doing! On this page you'll find several criteria to help you find the tent that best suits your needs: weight and compact design, capacity, and pitching style.

How to Choose Your Camping Tent

Numerous tent models are available with different benefits and drawbacks based on what they were developed for by the design team: lightweight, space, easy assembly... you'll find all our advice here for choosing the tent that best suits your bivouac or camping trips.

Do you need to carry your tent in your backpack?

Are you more of a camper?

Do you want to set up camp in a fixed location and have a means of transport for getting around? In this case, you can opt for a camping tent. Different models are available—choose according to the number of persons and the pitching style.

Are you a hiker?

Are you looking for a lightweight tent that you can transport in your backpack? The lightweight and compact hiking tents are perfect if you go bivouacking for several days. Practical to pitch up and take down, they, in general, weigh less than 5 lbs!

Are you going camping with a large or small group?

Are you part of a large group?

The 4- to 8-person tents allow you to have a large living area, one or several separate rooms, and large storage spaces. It's the perfect solution if you are looking for plenty of space and if you want to have the same comfort that you enjoy at home.

Are you a smaller group?

Tents for up to 3 people have a single room. Some of them are equipped with a separate space to store your belongings and have more space. These tents are a good solution if you intend to regularly move your camp with you as you go.

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Your tent's waterproofing, as well as its windproofing, are essential for getting a great night’s sleepAt Quechua, all our tents are made to be resistant in bad weather conditions.

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