How to shower the right way while camping

How to shower the right way while camping

How to shower the right way while camping

Published: May, 2024
Published: May, 2024

Do your camping trips stink — literally? Reconnecting with nature doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal hygiene! With the right equipment and techniques, you can enjoy a rejuvenating shower right at your campsite. Let’s check out our favorite Decathlon showering essentials and cover some crucial tips for a refreshing, eco-friendly shower.

Choosing the right camping shower

The most important factors to consider when selecting your shower equipment are portability, capacity, and heating method. For these reasons, the Decathlon Quechua 10 L Solar Pressure Camping Shower is our top choice. This innovative shower features solar-paneled heating, providing warm water for a comfortable cleanse even in the most remote wilderness areas. With a generous 10-liter capacity, it's suitable for solo campers or small groups.

Preparing to shower

Plan your showering routine in advance so that you know exactly which items to bring with you. Pack biodegradable soap, shampoo, and a towel in a waterproof bag to keep them dry and easily accessible. Choose a private spot away from your campsite to set up your shower, ensuring privacy and minimizing your environmental impact. The goal is not to leave anything behind, especially chemicals.

Pro tip: Watch out for spiky bushes (ouch!) or hiking trails nearby (surprise!)

Heating your camping shower

Take advantage of sunny weather to heat your shower water. Ideally, you should place the shower bag in direct sunlight for several hours, allowing its solar panel to absorb heat and sufficiently warm the water inside. On overcast days or during cooler weather, you can fill the shower bag with lukewarm water from a nearby source, then place it in the sun for adequate warmth.

Pro tip: If you have a black or dark-colored car, store your solar shower on top of it for lightning-fast heating.

Setting up your camping shower

After it’s been out for a few hours, hang the shower bag from a tree branch, or use the hook and strap system to secure it at a comfortable height. Keep the shower hose and nozzle within reach for easy access.

Taking the shower

Step into the designated shower area and use the nozzle to control the flow of water. Wet your body thoroughly, lather up with soap and shampoo in one go, and then rinse with clean water. Minimize your water usage and avoid contaminating natural water sources.

Disposing of gray water

Gray water is the wastewater left over from your shower. To minimize your environmental impact, scatter your soapy gray water over a wide area, away from natural water sources, so that it filters through the soil naturally. Avoid using strong detergents or chemicals that may harm plants or wildlife. Many biodegradable options are available out there!

Lather up and keep adventuring

Now that you know how to properly shower on your next camping trip, sharing a tent with others will raise less of a stink. With the right equipment, preparation, and techniques, you can stay refreshed wherever your adventure takes you.

Check out the Decathlon Quechua 10 L Solar Pressure Camping Shower for a convenient, eco-friendly, and warm shower solution — or browse Decathlon for more high-quality camping gear.

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