Inspired to Try Ice Skating? Find Out How to Start

Inspired to Try Ice Skating? Find Out How to Start

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Wondering how you can be a master of the rink? Maybe you have aspirations for glory, looking to be the most decorated ice skater in the world. Or maybe you just want to do something fun and cool! Whatever your goals are, make sure you start off right!

1. Find the right skates

Just like shoes, you don't want something too big or too small. Small ice skates will compress your toes, causing pain while trying to put them on, while trying to take them off, and while wearing them! Big ice skates will leave you at risk for injury as they will not be probably secure on your feet. Be sure to find the right size for you (you should be able to move your toes). Make sure you're wearing the right socks so you get the right fit.

2. Wear the right clothing

The right pair of socks are not thick and warm! Because you'll be exercising and moving about on the rink, you'll need a pair of socks that's breathable and that will be comfortable to wear in your ice skates. Make sure the socks go above the shoe, as there will be a lot of friction with your leg at the top of the shoe.

If you're worried about getting cold, make sure to wear layers. As you move, you'll build up warmth and you'll want to peel off your jacket and overcoat as you get into the groove.

We recommend against wearing jeans because they're will not restrain your movement on the ice. You want to make sure you're able to flow freely with your skates. You also don't want to wear lose articles of clothing (hats, scarves) because they may fall easily, especially if you're new. If your worried about falls, we recommend wearing gloves (they'll keep you warm, too!)

3. Start off slow

Warm up! Get a few stretches in. You'll want to target your neck and shoulders and, of course, your lower body.

Get to know the direction people are going in. Don't go against the grain--you don't want to be bumping into people as you're learning! Don't head to the middle of the rink quite yet--the center of the rink tends to attract more experienced skaters. You'll also be more prone to falls because you won't have anything to hold on to! Start by using the side barrier for guidance, then graduate to skating on the edge on your own. Finally, try distancing yourself a bit more from the outer edge and pick up a little speed!

4. Keep good form

Maintaining your balance is all about proper form and posture.


Keep your knees a little bent. They should be covering your toes (up to two inches out in front of them). You'll know you're doing it right if your thighs are sore at the end of your session.


Keep your skates shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be pointing forward or slightly outwards.

In order to move, you'll need to shift your weight from one leg to the other while moving it forward. Keep going by alternating legs.

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