Bike Chain Repair Links

Bike Chain Repair Links

About Our Bike Chain Repair Links Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house cycling brands–geared exclusively to meet your needs on the road, in the mountains, or maneuvering through the forest–and the brands that design them–Fisher, Riese und Muller, and KTM–know how to make the best bikes around. 

Repair your chain

If you’ve found a problem with your bike chain, we’ve got you covered. Our chain links are designed to be easy to install so you can get back on the road. If you need a new chain, we have a wide variety of different lengths and sizes to fit your needs. 

Chain guards and protectors

We also have chain guards and protectors to ensure your chain stays in good condition while you ride. We even have a tool that helps take care of your chain on the go! 

Clothing and accessories

If you’re out in the elements, you need to be prepared. We have a wide range of clothing and accessories to keep you safe and comfortable while you ride. 

Bike accessories

Once you’re done, make sure your bike is in good condition for your next ride. We have the right accessories to make sure your bike stays in good shape for when you’re ready to go again.