Camping Knives

Camping Knives

About Our Camping Knives Collection

Going camping? Artengo, our in-house hiking & camping brand, designs knives and tools for all your camping needs. Whether you’re setting up camp for the first time or you’re returning for another adventure, Decathlon’s Artengo knives will have you well equipped for whatever life throws at you on your journey. Our knives are made to be durable and strong while being lightweight so you can bring them on your travels without weighing you down. They’re perfect for hunting, fishing, and hiking. Our knives are made with safe, high-quality stainless steel so they’re durable and long-lasting. Our hunting knives are designed to be strong and sharp while being lightweight and easy to handle. Many of our hunting knives are designed to be foldable for easy storage.

Camping Knives Accessories

We also design pocket knives so you can bring your favorite tool with you on your adventures. Our knives are perfect for opening packages, cutting twine, or whittling wood. Our knives are safe and ergonomic, and we design special sheaths so your knife stays safe with you at all times. We also design scissors so you can keep your fabric and plastic bags in one piece.

Camping Knives Sets

If you’re looking to pick up a whole set, we have hunting sets complete with a hunting knife and fishing sets with a fishing knife to get you started on your new hobby. If you’re already an expert, we have replacement blades and handles for when you need to sharpen your knife or repair it.