Compact Sleeping Bags

Compact Sleeping Bags

About Our Compact Sleeping Bags Collection

Are you going on a backpacking trip? Do you need something extra cozy at night? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has you covered. We have a wide variety of sleeping bags to suit your needs no matter what time of year you travel. We have both closed and open-ended bags that are perfect for your trip.

Backpacking Bags

Our backpacking bags are designed to be lightweight while maintaining warmth. They’re made with premium insulation to keep you cozy while you sleep. They’re compact, some folding down to a size as small as a shoe and weighing less than a pound! They’re easy to set up and take down so you can spend more time on your trip and less time setting up your bed. And if you’re looking for extra room, some of our bags can be zipped together to create a double or even a triple bed!

Sleeping Bag Accessories

We design sleeping bag accessories to make your trip even more comfortable. Our insulated footpads are perfect for winter hikes and our sleeping bag liners keep your bag clean and protect your bag from the elements. If you’re looking to stay warm in winter or cool in summer, we have sleeping bag accessories to make your trip all the more enjoyable.