Cycling Spare Parts

Cycling Spare Parts

About Our Cycling Spare Parts Collection

If your bike is well-loved and tackles all of your adventures with you then you know it needs a lot of care. Decathlon designs bike tires built for the road or the trail. Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, or a hybrid bike, our tires are built to keep up with you on your travels. If you’re looking for bike tubes, we have a wide range of inner tubes that come in a wide variety of sizes and feature different types of valves so you can find the one that matches your bike.

Bike Pedals & Shoes

Looking to put a new pedal to the metal? Get brand new clipless bike pedals so you can get the most power out of your bike. These pair well with our bike shoes and socks so you can get more power from expending less energy. 

Bike Saddles

Need a new seat? Our bike saddles come in a variety of different sizes–including adult and kids–and a range of materials so you can find the one that’s best for the way you ride. If you’re also looking to replace your seat post or seat clamp, we’ve got that too!

Bike Handlebars

Get a new grip on your daily commute or on your next mountain descent with new bike handlebars with different grips so you can have the best handle on your journey. We also design bike stems and handlebar ends so you can fully kit out your new or favorite bike.


Revamping your drivetrain? Decathlon designs shifters, cranksets, derailleurs, cassettes, cables, and more! If you’re trying to make adjustments or renewals on your bike, we can help you at even the most microscopic levels. Get new brakes, calipers, and levers you can ride safely around town and have more control on the road or trail. 

Bike Equipment

Maintaining a bike requires the proper tools and equipment. And if you need some help maintaining or setting up your new set of wheels, we've got you covered.