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Itiwit Adult X500 Drop stitch High Pressure Adventure 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Sale price: $1,299.00 Regular price: $2,099.00

The rigid kayak that fits in a trolley bag! Efficient, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit 2-seater kayak takes you long distances all year round!

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Sale price: $1,299.00 Regular price: $2,099.00

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About this item:

  • Rigid and portable inflatable kayak using drop stitch technology
  • V-shape Hull for glide performance & maneuverability
  • 10PSI, Inflate in 3 minutes!
  • Storage space using the rear hatch
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Pump and Paddle Sold Separately
Model: 8666960

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Product Features

Itiwit Adult X500 Drop stitch High Pressure Adventure 2 Person Inflatable Kayak | We designed this 2-seater inflatable kayak for experienced kayakers. Tour all day long at sea or on lakes or calm rivers.

The rigid kayak that fits in a trolley bag! Efficient, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit 2-seater kayak takes you long distances all year round!

A photo of the Itiwit Adult X500 Drop stitch High Pressure Adventure 2 Person Inflatable Kayak in use
A photo of the Itiwit Adult X500 Drop stitch High Pressure Adventure 2 Person Inflatable Kayak in use


3 cleverly placed cargo areas to transport up to 460 lbs, you included:)

Glide performance

Great sensations! The V-shaped hull limits friction on the water.

Easy assembly/dismantling

Inflate in 6 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 15 PSI (1.03 bar)

User comfort

2 very dense foam seats suitable for your full-day touring.

Anatomical design

Adjust the footrests to your size in the cockpit area whenever you want.


The coating lets you use your spray deck so that you can paddle in all seasons


Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.

Quick dry

The kayak is waterproof. Simply dry it with a towel.

Questions & Answers

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What does this package include? does it include everything? Kayak, paddles and pump?


It only include the kayak. Pump and paddle are sold separately. You will need a high pressure SUP pump to inflate it.

By Yann on June 7, 2023 | STAFF


For space reasons i can only have 1 kayak. How easy can the Itwit X500b 2 person be used as a single ? I noticed the sitbpositios are fixed Thanks


Due to his length the 2 person will be a bit slower to turn but as stable as the 1 person if you use it alone.

By Yann on July 24, 2023 | STAFF

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Hard to maintain

A product that is difficult to maintain, to collect and for a small overall staff capacity. I only used it once at sea and I struggled for two hours to vacuum it from the sand. It has a lot of folds, so you can't have long-term direct contact with the sand, even with the semi-inflated kayak. Lucky for me I live close by and was able to afford a clean as close to new as possible. In addition to this aspect it had some problems with one of the valves on the right rear.

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Great kayak for spontaneous day trips as a family

We chose the 2-seater kayaks for spontaneous day trips (10-20km) with children (6/10 years). We are not experienced paddlers and only want to use them for spontaneous family trips without having to hire one. We bought the 2 kayaks on sale, so the price/performance ratio was good. They are very quick to set up and take down and there is enough storage space for luggage on and in the kayak. Contrary to other opinions, we sit very comfortably in the seats, but we are not tall either (1.60m/1.75m). What we also cannot confirm is that they tend to tip over. The kayak sits quietly on canals and lakes. We have not yet been able to test high waves, but that is not our area of use. We have so far been out in the Spreewald and Leipzig Lake District. The children can already paddle along, as it is much narrower than the Itiwit inflatable kayak. We manage well with the matching carbon double paddles. We travel faster and can therefore cover longer distances than with the inflatable kayak, but we have no comparison to a hard-shell kayak. The floor seems very robust; neither the kayak slide nor the tree crossing caused any damage. When setting up/taking it down, we still make sure the ground is soft or use a tarpaulin as a base. Of course, we can't say anything about its durability yet, as we've only been using it for 4 months. The pack sack is basically well designed with wheels for pulling and lots of buckles for attaching the paddles and pump. However, the pack size is larger than stated in the description and two kayaks don't fit in a large station wagon. We can only transport them in the trunk without a pack sack. That's a shame; a shorter but larger pack size would be better. All in all, a very nice kayak for spontaneous day trips as a family.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Theoretically top kayak, absolutely useless for us

The kayak is great to set up and take down and makes a solid impression. Unfortunately ours is crooked (probably also due to the sideways folding) and has a radius of 3-4m (!!!). Absolutely unusable, so the person in front can only paddle and the person at the back can act as a gondolero. We will write to customer support and hope for a solution - a fin would certainly work wonders, but unfortunately there is no attachment for it... We'll do some research and adjust the rating if necessary - unfortunately 1 star is too much.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
It all depends on size and experience

First outing changes from my bic yakkair 2 cushy. I was very hesitant to keep it *Not easy to maneuver at first and especially with a lot of wind *I'm 178 cm and it's almost limited *the toe clips at the back are complicated and not as easy as at the back before but by fiddling we find the position. You don't have to make it a size 45 * you don't have to inflate the "rigifier" too much at the back of the rear seat otherwise total discomfort * difficult to store, I'm going to take the Pump which deflates because we haven't yet managed to soften it enough to fold it in. In the end, when I have everything sorted out, it will be fine but it's not a kayak designed for walking around with fan toes. I think it needs to soften up a little.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

The kayak is amazingly stiff, stable and roomy inside to pack for a few days when you use all the options. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that objects inside are not protected from water in case of rotation. But this is rather not a threat, the stability is really exemplary and with a low seat, it can be driven well even at higher speeds in waves up to about 30 cm. Smaller people may have trouble with the width for paddling. The boat holds its course even in the wind and even children around 10-12 years of age with less experience can handle it. On the seat, it is advisable to place some fabric under you that absorbs a little moisture and feel free to improvise the support part, then you can spend a longer time in the kayak, perhaps even a multi-day trip. The total weight of the kayak is quite high, but handling in two is completely fine. Back in the bag/suitcase, I'd rather not pack it yet, I'm trying to prevent the material from breaking, but it's easy to transport thanks to the wheels. Disassembly and inflation is easy and, thanks to the small volume of the chambers, very fast. Even the composition is not difficult, but drying and cleaning from dirt is necessary, you have to devote more time to this. The compactness of such a boat for transport and storage in a car is excellent with its useful properties on the water. Thanks for the great Drop Stitch construction idea đź‘Ť

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Super kayak, crappy packaging

I'm really impressed with the kayak itself. The only thing that is incredibly annoying every time and makes you think twice about using it is packing it up again. The bag is really measured to the millimeter, you can't fit any additional equipment in it and you really have to hone your technique 100% to even get the kayak packed up again. It's really annoying every time. A few centimeters of space would have been good and wouldn't have mattered anyway given the size.

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A very good purchase, with some limitations.

The kayak is quite stable, very stiff, and relatively roomy. The problem with capacity occurs when we want to stuff the kayak bag in the compartment at the stern. It can be folded and holds a 40L dry bag, a pump and a few smaller items. There is some space behind the feet in the bow, a small bag will fit. There is plenty of space on the kayak, a great option to mount an itiwit backpack on the bow. Generally, you can do a multi-day trip. The kayak is relatively fast, average speed 3.5-5 km/h, with short breaks, no problem. I swim both alone and with a partner. The problem is with driving, but a skeg would be useful. Medium and stronger winds are problematic, you have to counteract strongly. Regardless of the weather, it's hard to stay on course. The kayak with bag, oars and pump weighs approximately 30 kg. I live on the second floor of a block of flats and I have to put up with it. I transported it by hand, using the wheels built into the bag. They can handle it, even on slightly uneven terrain. I managed to walk 2.5 km like this once, but it was quite an effort. I'm 700-800 m from the Vistula River, no problem here. I also recently bought Itiwit wheels and with them it was definitely easier, but it's hard to steer and the kayak runs away just like on the water and on the pavement xD But this is a private initiative, we'll keep trying, it should be possible to make it go straight, it's definitely a lot easier now . Unfolding and inflating is easy. 20 minutes on your own, 12-15 minutes if you're in a hurry. For 2 people, 15 minutes at a leisurely pace, 11-13 minutes in a hurry. Assembling it is not difficult, but drying it with cloths and cleaning it from dirt is a bit more difficult. You need to devote these 30-45 minutes. Overall, I highly recommend it, but note that you need to learn a bit, be creative and be aware of compromises. However, the ability to keep a large kayak in a bag in a small room in Krakow is priceless.

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Ridiculously difficult to assemble

The kayak looks great. Once inflated, it is stiff and quite stable in the water, although I wouldn't recommend it to novices. However, after a few cruises you can feel quite confident on it. However, a skeg is missing. Even a slight wind makes the kayak spin. A simple piece of plastic would significantly reduce this problem. Otherwise, swimming in any wind is difficult. Unfolding can actually be done in 10-15 minutes. I just warn you that pumping with a hand pump to 15 PSI is actually more effort than 2 hours of rowing later. It is worth equipping yourself with an electric pump. Folding, however, is an absolute failure. To fit the kayak you have to take everything else out of the bag. The seats and footrests go separately, it's impossible to do otherwise. Despite pumping the air out with a pump, walking on the unfolded kayak, jumping on the folded one - of course in the places indicated by the manufacturer - stuffing the kayak back into the suitcase is about a 40-minute fight from which I emerge barely alive. Of course, the bag loses any stability along the way and you can forget about putting it somewhere. I don't know how such packing will affect the life of the equipment in the long run, but I don't suspect that the kayak will stay with me for more than two seasons. It's a pity, because apart from that it's quite a good product.

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Tips for packing

Hello everyone, I haven't been able to test the kayak yet but the first impression is good. After successfully setting it up in the living room, I then encountered the problem of packing it up. The instructions in the pack sack are incorrect! Don't let that mislead you, look at the paper instructions that come with it, you have to fold it lengthways, in the direction of the arrows of the "fold" markings, NOT from two sides as described in the pack sack, but only from one side. With this review I wanted to save you the struggle we had when packing it up, hence the additional note that the valve is pushed in and open ;-)

Question for users

My partner is a little timid on the water by himself but comfortable with me in a two seater. We would only paddle gentle rivers and calm waters. But i would like a 2 seater cruiser that i could use on my own when he is not with me. Does anyone have any experience / insight as to whether this 2 seater is fine to handle on my own or does the weight distribution and seat placement get all messed up with only one paddler??

Good hiking equipment…

Good sea touring equipment

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Excellent kayak

Responsive kayak requiring good paddling technique which opens up speeds of 8 to 9 km/h for a sporty cruise, with better kayaking experience 9 to 10 km/h are possible. In the hiking bivouac formula it does the job (it is delicate when it comes to holding the heading, but as you get the hang of it it becomes more and more precise and this depends on the level of the kayakers). It should be added that my training as a kayaker is line racing, my usual partner at an intermediate level.

Inflatable kayak with high performance

Inflatable kayaks have become popular due to their ease of transport, and we recently purchased the 2-person Strenfit X500. Although it is bulky to carry, this is expected. The main advantage is how quick and easy it is to inflate and set up. In a matter of 15 minutes you have it ready to sail, including the installation of seats and footrests. The kayak offers a good balance between performance and portability. It can maintain a reasonable speed and is stable, although the primary stability may feel a little shaky for beginners. It offers plenty of storage space, which is ideal for carrying extra gear. However, tracking is not optimal in strong currents due to the V-shape of the hull. If you plan to navigate rivers or areas with significant currents, you should be prepared to exert a little more effort to stay on course. Kayak quality may vary; We had to return the first one because it was crooked, causing it to continually lean to the right. Fortunately, Decathlon provided us with a hassle-free replacement. It is important to check the quality of the kayak when you receive it to avoid unpleasant surprises like this. Also, the backrest of the front seat is not well supported and sometimes tips backwards. That said, the kayak appears to be very well built with quality materials which inspires confidence for its longevity. In short, the Strenfit X500 2p is a good option for those looking for a balance between portability and performance on the water. Although it has challenges, such as tracking in strong currents and some construction issues, it is still a solid option. If you can overcome these obstacles, you will find it a fun way to explore the water.

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regarding storage it's a hassle, the carrying bag is not big enough, it would take more play between the container and the contents

itiwit x500 2 seater

The kayak is quite fast, high load capacity, but with a large load and light wind, very poor controllability, you have to correct the course all the time, you can forget about smooth paddling, this is a serious disadvantage that does not allow you to enjoy using this equipment.
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Additional Product Information


Main fabric: 100.0% Polyvinyl Chloride ; Inside shell - Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester ; Carry bag: 100.0% Polyester ; Foam part: 75.0% Polyethylene, 25.0% Foamed EVA

What are the dimensions and weight?

InchWhen the kayak is inflated:> length: 17 ft4 Inch> width: 27.6 InchWhen stored in its bag: Height: 39.4 Inch> width: 17.7 Inch> thickness: 15 Inch> full weight: 53 lbs (kayak itself 49 lbs)Hatch storage: 24 Inch

An innovation, and a patent pending!

A high-performance 2-seater inflatable kayak that you can take everywhere with your trolley bag, in short: freedom! Based on the X500 1-seater kayak, we decided to develop a 2-seater kayak. 5 prototypes were necessary. The main challenge was: offering rigidity and performance with a 2-seater inflatable kayak. Therefore, its was the unique cut and assembly of the materials used that we decided to patent.

Why a rigid inflatable kayak?

InchWe listened to kayakers: InchI would like to share experiences as a pair in a kayakInch InchI am looking for a 2-person inflatable kayak with the same performance as a rigid kayak.Inch

Why the name ”kayak x500 dropstitch”?

InchThe Inchdropstitch Inch is a material. 2 layers of PVC are connected by thousands of polyester strands. When inflated to high pressure, these threads tighten and create a rigid volume, which prevents the kayak from loosing its shape.Which is what makes our inflatable kayak extremely rigid but easy to stow in a backpack once deflated. Inch

How to inflate and mount the kayak?

1. Inflate the main chamber (floor), then the intermediate chambers (walls), followed by the small chambers (arches). All the volumes are inflated to 15 PSI max (1.03 bar).2. You can insert the footrests on the flexible guides, push them inside the kayak, and adjust to your leg length with the buckle.3. Position the seats by fitting them onto the shims provided. 4. Position the backrests under the coaming.We recommend the HP Itiwit twin-action hand pump (8387655), not supplied.

How to disassemble and deflate the kayak?

InchYou ftll see it fts quite simple!1. Make sure the folding surface is clean.2. Remove the seats.3. Remove the footrests 4. Deflate the kayak by removing the cap and pressing the valve. (Leave the valve in the open position for air to escape)5. Tuck in the hatch and start folding lengthwise. Inch

How to fold it up to put it in the bag?

Inch1. We recommend placing the canvas of the bridge inside the fold. 2. Fold the keel over its entire length. This fold ensures that the width of the kayak is the same as that of the bag.3. To fold your kayak, start with the front tip, then fold at the first dashes. Repeat the operation 4 times such that the kayak folds like a snail 4. Strap up the kayak - strapping it well will make it easier to fit in the bag.

What if the kayak is pierced?

InchIt would take something sharp to make that happen. If so, the kayak is composed of 6 independent Inchair chambers. Inch 1 or 2 punctures? The kayak floats enough to make it back to the shore safely. To preserve the life expectancy of your kayak, we advise you to avoid contact with oyster shells and sharp reefs. Inch

The team offers their tips for your comfort ...

InchOlivier takes care of the stock at Itiwit. Like the whole team, he is passionate about kayaking. His advice: InchTo make the most of it, really take the time to sit in the middle to balance yourself, to adjust your footrests. Once you are comfortable, off you go. InchNico is a product engineer. His thing is to always leave with dry clothes in a small waterproof bag. InchYou can place it in the front of the kayak for easy access. Inch

Product testing

Our kayak is tested and approved by our internal and external ambassadors.Some examples? Olivier and Diego have traveled through the Dordogne with this kayak: 155 miles in 2 days.Find their stories and our videos on the Itiwit website.

Storage instructions

Dry, deflate, fold up. Store your kayak in its bag in a cool, dry place.




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