Lightweight Cycling Shoes

Lightweight Cycling Shoes

About Our Cycling Shoes Collection

Looking to get into cycling? Our cycling shoes are perfect for your daily rides around the city and your long-distance travels. They’re designed for comfort and performance so you can make the most of your new hobby. Our shoes feature a stiff sole for power transfer and a cushioned footbed for comfort. The stiff sole helps you maintain power while the cushioning prevents fatigue so you can ride for longer. Our shoes are designed to be fast while staying safe, with some featuring puncture-resistant tires so you don’t have to worry about a small rip ruining your ride. Our shoes are designed to be comfortable and breathable so you can keep going without getting tired.

Cycling Apparel and Accessories

Looking to up your game? Decathlon cycling jerseys and tights keep you cool on even your most demanding rides. We also create cycling shoes and socks that are comfortable and durable while maintaining a low weight so you don’t feel weighed down on your travels. For more, we have a wide range of accessories for your bike. 

Artengo Cycling Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house cycling brand, Artengo, that designs bikes for all types of riders and their varying levels of experience and skill. Whether you’re new to cycling or a pro, our bikes are perfect for your commute to work, your trip around the city, and your most demanding adventures in the outdoors.

Bike Accessories

We also design accessories for your bike. We have bike racks that attach to your vehicle and a pannier bag to store all your gear. For your bike, we create bike lights that are durable and bright while staying safe and legal. 


No cyclist would be complete without their own pair of socks! Our socks are designed to be comfortable while providing the right amount of cushioning, and some are even designed to be anti-microbial!