Padded Cycling Shorts

Padded Cycling Shorts

About Our Padded Cycling Shorts Collection

Looking to up your cycling game? Want to go longer, go harder, and go faster? Decathlon’s Artengo cycling brand has just what you need. We have cycling shorts that are designed to be comfortable while riding and practical while not riding so you can transition between your bike and your other activities. They’re breathable and moisture wicking so you can stay cool on even your most demanding rides. Our shorts feature 3 rear pockets so you can carry all the things you need while cycling.

Cycling Shorts Accessories

We design cycling shorts with a wide range of lengths and sizes so you can find the right one for you. All of our shorts are designed to be durable while being comfortable so you can go hard on your rides. We also design socks and shoe covers so you and your shoes can stay protected on your journeys. For more serious riders, we provide an extensive line of cycling clothing and accessories, including socks, shoes, helmets, backpacks, and more. 

We also have an extensive line of bike accessories so you can keep your bike in good shape for your next trip.