Road Cycling Shorts

Road Cycling Shorts

About Our Cycling Shorts Collection

Looking to get started in cycling? Want to improve your performance? Decathlon’s Artengo cycling brand has everything you need to get out there and go. We have cycling shorts designed for men, women, and kids. They’re made with quick-drying material so you can stay out there as long as you want to. We design our cycling shorts to be comfortable and breathable so you can stay cool while riding. They’re made with elastic material so they’re easy to put on and take off. The pockets are placed so you can keep your phone and keys safe while riding.

Cycling Shorts for Every Event

Our cycling shorts are perfect for taking on any kind of road and trail. They are made with a material that moves with you and breathes with you so you can keep going without breaks. The pockets are there to keep your phone and keys secure while you ride. We also design shorts for kids so the whole family can enjoy the great outdoors.

Cycling Shorts Accessories

We design cycling shorts accessories such as leg warmers, arm warmers, and socks so you can fully prepare for your rides. We also design cycling jerseys and jersey tights so you can stay cool and dry during your rides. Once you’re done, keep your bike secure on a bike rack so it’s ready for your next go!