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Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike

Regular price: $5,499.00 Regular price:

This is our most accomplished bike to date. It has been designed and tested by aerodynamicists and offers the perfect balance between pure performance and pleasure. RCR or RCR PRO: the choice is yours

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Sale price: $5,499.00 Regular price:

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About this item:

  • Aerodynamic Climbing Bike
  • Sram Force AXS with Powermeter
  • Zipp 303 Carbon Wheels
  • Co-designed with ONERA Aero Space
Model: 8885220

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A photo of the Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike in use
A photo of the Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike in use

Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike | This bike has been designed for racers obsessed with achieving the perfect balance of aerodynamics, weight and rigidity. RCR stands for "racer".

This is our most accomplished bike to date. It has been designed and tested by aerodynamicists and offers the perfect balance between pure performance and pleasure. RCR or RCR PRO: the choice is yours


100% carbon frame and fork


frame and fork validated in the wind tunnel


17.8 lb (8.1 kg) in Size M

Braking power

Hydraulic disc brakes for powerful, progressive braking

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Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike, bright indigo Image 1 of 2 

Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike, bright indigo Image 2 of 2

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Van Rysel RCR Rival AXS Power Sensor Road Bike, bright indigo Image 2 of 2
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Great ride feeling

Such a great ride feeling, on a beautiful looking bike… at this price point!

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This Van Rysel is…

This Van Rysel is exceptional, a real success!!! First of all, a big thank you to the Decathlon St Egreve Cycle team and in particular to Ludovic for his advice, his listening skills and his professionalism. He took delivery, completely assembled the bike, answered all my many questions, and installed the SRAM app on my phone, setting everything up. Honestly the best!!! All I had to do was install the pedals and adjust the saddle height. The bike in its bright indigo blue color looks great. As soon as I got on it I felt comfortable. As I was between 2 sizes I chose the size below and my position is perfect. No pain in the neck or lower back after 3 hours outings. the adjustment of the recoil and the seat position is easily done. The SRAM electric groupset is really efficient, the gear changes are very smooth and well-staged. The same goes for the trays. The Zipp "high" wheels are very smooth and efficient, and the 28 tires effectively absorb the roughness of mountainous roads. The performance of the bike on the flat is incredible, I confirm the previous opinions. On the false flats you can still accelerate, and you don't run into the wind in the windy valleys. My big surprise was the behavior of the bike in the mountains. It is remarkable. Living in a mountainous region, I did several passes between 12 and 20 km. With this Van Rysel I had no loss of performance in high percentages, with still as much fluidity in pedaling. We always have the impression of being under the pedal. The position of the hands on the top of the handlebars (shaped like an airplane wing profile) is very pleasant and I got to the top of the passes easily and more quickly. On the descents you go fast, and the brakes are very effective. However, I advise you to do the first long descent of the pass relaxed to get used to the somewhat "stiff" behavior of the bike in the closing turns in order to properly dose the braking. Relaunches after tight turns are very punchy. So during your next descents you will spin like the wind in complete safety. A few general remarks: The Deda meter holder provided is perfect and adapts to several brands. It's a detail, but the handlebar tape is really good quality and solid (I don't know the brand...). Be sure to break in the disc brakes before your first ride. The following video explains why and how to do it For my part, I did this break-in in the parking lot of a supermarket on a Sunday. The rubber collar located around the seat post (to hide the saddle height adjustment screw) seems a little fragile to me, and I'm not sure how long it will last. It would be nice to have an extra one in the accessories that come with the bike.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
unbeatable value for money

been riding for 2 months I am simply won over by this bike

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Really great bike, a…

Really great bike, exceptional performance beyond 30 km/h. I'm testing it this week in the mountains

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
very good bike

I don't know all the bikes and I haven't tried everything but this bike is very good as long as we exceed 30 to 35 km/hc it's impressively efficient I imagine that the other bikes do as well but maybe not at the same price and frankly this bike is very beautiful in white

Very efficient bike and great quality/price ratio

Great bike that I've been riding for 3 months. The electric transmission is fluid, the bike is light and responsive and the ideal development for flat or mountain riding. The only downside is the in-store service, when you buy a bike for €4,200 you don't expect to see it handed to you by a total amateur who doesn't know how to answer questions. It lacks a little support.

A top product…

A top product. We understand why it is difficult to obtain. Perfect equipment for a very affordable price

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
An incredible bike with very dangerous wheels

The bike is great unfortunately it comes equipped with Hookless wheels from ZIPP. There have been several very dangerous crashes at the start of the season, it's a completely stupid design which mainly only serves to save money during manufacturing.. I would prefer if Decathlon gave the choice between these wheels and other 'others not Hookless given the number of accidents that there are on the pro circuit.. All people interested go and see on the internet "hookless crash" and you will see the horror stories where it is very easy even more for an amateur to end up in the hospital with wheels like that..

Excellent bike, fast and light. Complete with everything (cadence sensor, power meter, electronic gear,...) at a truly affordable price.


Impressive, better than I imagined.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Great bike for great money. Stiff, fast, aero. Just take some of the weight off and it's top.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
A beautiful bike with some let downs

First of all, this bike is simply beautiful! My size XS, 1,000 Strava km (after I got hit by a car and it broke) I was sad when I could neither get the black nor the white version of it, when it came on the market in October. However, when I saw the bike in the shop for the first time I fell in love instantly. This bike looks so much better in reality than in the pictures only. The paint is very, very, very sensitive. My bike dropped 10cm horizontally on my plastic bike stand and already had a small change of colour at the impact location. The bike came, like most VR bikes with, normal pedals, a bell, reflectors, SRAM brake protectors, tubeless valves, a SRAM charger and a tool to unscrew the wheels. I really was hoping for some VR goodies (special kit or glasses, VR Zwift kit or bike) but there was nothing, besides all the store employees wanted to see the bike, before I took it home. The weight is much lighter compared to my RC520 but on the same level as my 13 year old Cannondale Synapse. The electronic shifting is a huge upgrade to mechanical but RIVAL looks so big and heavy and you have to readjust the gears regularly. Disk brakes are just so much better, safety wise, compared to rim brakes. The chain rings are far too small. I wasn't using the small chainring at all and buying a bigger one would have become my first upgrade. Speaking about shifting I had three chaindrops which got sucked (very deep) into the space between frame and chainring. They totally destroyed the paint of the frame. I had to take out the crankset several times to recover the chain and to protect the carbon. I've never experienced this with another bike before. Speed wise you don't feel a big difference when riding around 32kmh. However the bike wants you to go fast. I was running out of power on my first rides because my average power output was much higher compared to what I was used to. When the speeds are getting higher you will start feeling a difference and I gained around 8 seconds in a one minute decline. For climbing I was getting slower, as the hookless wheels only allow 5 bar max. At least my feeling was I could not get all my power on the pedals when standing and grinding up a hill as I always had this "soft" suspension like feeling . Seated you can go uphill much comfortably and with a higher power output but of course using the same muscles as when riding on the flat. On the flat you feel much comfortable as well even I was only using 28mm gp 5000 tubeless. The freehub is terrible! There is so much space between the inner teeth that you constantly get a very loud "clonk" when shifting or changing the power input. For sure this will affect the life span of the groupset and the freehub itself. This could partially be related to a wrong chain length as well. The geometry is very aggressive. I got some back pain on my first rides, but you get used to it. I loved the bike even it had some problems which really annoyed me. Nico

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Van Risel

This bike is simply great value for money, first of all the Michelins in 28 impressive comfort on the road inflated to 4.3 for 65 kg super performance. The wheels are effective on hilly roads the peripherals the handlebars are excellent as is the saddle which is ultimately from the Decathlon brand very comfortable and the Sram group with this development goes everywhere, I just changed the cassette to put a 10-30 . Conclusion but 3 hour outings are much nicer and much more efficient

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

An extraordinary bike, I, who am not very trained, easily reach speeds of over 30 km/h and I reached the first 10-20% on Strava. I improved my own records by almost 10%, so it is a real racing bike!

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Great bike, downside missing…

Great bike, downside lack of staff training on the product. Search the internet to answer my questions!!!

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Additional Product Information


Frame (for bike): 100.0% Carbon

The rcr range

The RCR range is a real treat for cyclists who want a complete bike with no compromises. For this bike, performance was our priority. The cross-sections of every tube have been calculated to be as efficient as possible in the main wind angles (-15°/+15°).This bike falls within the Inchlightweight aero Inch category of bikes, offering the perfect balance between weight, rigidity and aerodynamics, resulting in an exceptional bike.If you want a bike designed to win races, look no further than the RCR

What's the difference between the rcr and the rcr pro

What makes a carbon frame is its geometry, its shapes and its layup. The layup is how the carbon fibres are assembled. Not all fibres have the same properties. On the frame of the RCR, we only use high-modulus fibres. On the RCR PRO, we've chosen exceptional fibres that make the bike stiffer in the areas that are put under the most stress and that slightly reduce the weight. The RCR PRO is ready to compete at the highest level.

A closer look at the frame

The RCR's frame weighs 830 g (painted) in size M The RCR Pro's frame weighs 790 g (painted) in size M The RCR's fork weighs 380 g (painted) in size MThe frame can take tyres up to 33 mm wide.There may be slight variations in weight depending on the colour (+/- 50 g).


We've cleverly integrated the parts of the headset so that the RCR steers smoothly while remaining easy to maintain.DEDA x VAN RYSEL Superbox EVO: the stem is lightweight yet sufficiently rigid XXS: 70 mmXS: 80mmS: 90 mmM: 100 mmL: 110 mmXL: 120 mm Deda Superhero RS (carbon) handlebarHandlebar width: XXS: 380 mmXS/S: 400 mmM/L: 420 mmXL: 440 mm

Sram rival groupset and quarq power meter

The RCR bike is equipped with the SRAM Rival eTap AXS complete groupset and Quarq power meter. A power meter is a must for cyclists who want to plan their training to help them improve.Total drive train weight: 3045 g with power meterThe electronic groupset has two separate batteries (one for each derailleur). You can use the SRAM app to set up your bike and view data from your rides.

Sram rival drive train

Shifter: RIVAL ETAP AXS D1Front derailleur: RIVAL ETAP AXS D1Rear derailleur: RIVAL ETAP AXS D1 MAX 36TCassette: RIVAL XG 1250 D1 10-36Chainset: RIVAL D1 DUB PM 48/35TCrank length by size XXS: 165 mmXS/S: 170 mmM: 172.5 mmL: 175 mmSRAM RIVAL chainThe SRAM elements are easy to replace, with the Force and Rival ranges being compatible.

Drive train maintenance

Please note that it is important to regularly service your drive train, especially if you ride in difficult conditions (wet and/or dirty roads).Regular maintenance will help your drive train to last for longer.You should regularly check your chain with our chain wear indicator, which is available on our website.

Lifespan of a drive train

When buying a bike, it's important to take into account the cost of servicing it, especially as regards the drive train.The amounts below are averages and are given so that you have a general idea of what to expect. They will of course vary depending on the care you take of your drive train.The average lifespan of a well-maintained chain is 5000 km.The average lifespan of a cassette is 10,000-12,000 km.A poorly maintained chain can jump, which can damage your bike's frame.

Disc brakes

SRAM Rival disc brakes with 160 mm discs at the front and 140 mm at the back.The SRAM Rival brakes are hydraulic. This gives you progressive, more powerful braking than with cable-actuated hydraulic brakes.You will need to bed these brakes in. Simply brake gradually 20 times at a low speed (20 km/h), then repeat at 30 km/h. Make sure to bed in both brakes.Bedding in creates more friction between the disc and brake pad.


Our carbon frames and forks come with a 5-year warranty.




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