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Women’s Snow Hiking X-Warm Mid Boots SH500

Comfort temperature measured while not moving: 27°F ; while moving: 5°F.

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Women’s Snow Hiking X-Warm Mid Boots SH500 Features:

These very warm leather shoes will bring you additional comfort in your snow hikes in cold weather. The snowcontact sole will well accompany you in your hikes on packed snow.

Comfort temperature measured while not moving: 27°F ; while moving: 5°F.


Breathable, waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.


SNOWCONTACT technology: excellent grip and traction, 4 mm lugs


Leather mid upper and lacing system offering a good adjustment and posture.

Measurement of the shoes' thermal insulation:

Based on cold-resistance tests in the field and in a laboratory with a panel of users, we measure the thermic resistance of our shoes while not moving (static) and while moving (dynamic). It is therefore possible to accurately know down to which temperature your shoes are protecting you. The limit comfort temperatures indicated for your shoes. We take into account the differences in sensing cold between men and women.

Shoes waterproofing test:

The shoes were tested in the laboratory and give you an optimal impermeability. First immersed in water under air pressure, they are checked for bubbles in the surface of the boot. Afterward, they are placed on a mechanical arm simulating walking halfway in water. We then check that the inside of the shoe remains perfectly dry. These laboratory tests are completed by use and aging tests in the field.

3 levels of waterproofing:

During the waterproofing tests, we test 3 levels of waterproofing, with 2000 flexes (approx. equivalent to a 2.5 mi. walk), 4000 flexes (approx. equivalent to a 5 mi. walk) and 8000 flexes (approx. equivalent to a 10 mi. walk).

Shoe waterproofing level:

This shoe model was tested up to 4000 flexes, equivalent to a 5-mile walk.

SNOWCONTACT technology:

SNOWCONTACT soles are designed from a specific component and a crampon design adapted to ensure the best grip possible. SNOWCONTACT soles are more effective than traditional soles on snow. Only the addition of anti-slip grips will ensure optimal safety on ice.

Field tests:

This shoe has been tested in the field in climatic conditions adapted to its use by hikers accompanied by the product manager. We analyze in particular the technical elements of the shoes to validate the product in relation to its specifications and the feedback you send us.

Lab tests:

Our engineers conduct laboratory tests to fully guarantee your satisfaction. Among others, we validate the following items: holding of eyelets and straps, bonding, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion of sole and upper components, accelerated aging.


Outer sole of : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Upper of : 50.0% Bovine leather, Upper of : 30.0% Polyester cationic, Upper of : 20.0% Polyurethane Warm lining : 100.0% Polyester cationic

Storage Instructions

We recommend you store your products in a ventilated place, far from light and moisture.



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