We Worked Out with Holistic Studio Ascend Body. Here's What We Learned...

We Worked Out with Holistic Studio Ascend Body. Here's What We Learned...

Here at Decathlon, we love trying new activities, techniques, and fitness routines. That's why we tried Ascend Body, a holistic health and wellness fitness studio in the Mission that is "powered by positivity." We invited Ascend to our store for a fun morning bootcamp to share their approach, and were elated to open our doors to anyone interested in learning more about strength training and healthier living. Here's what we learned, and why we encourage their approach:

1) Holistic health can help you achieve your mind and body goals

"What is holistic health?" is what you're probably thinking. Going to the gym and lifting the heaviest weights or running miles beyond end isn't the sole way to achieve body goals. Holistic health includes personalized or small group training, for specialized attention to form (why repeat reps if your form isn't modified for proper or optimal results?). In addition, appropriate nutrition and diet tips that support your workout routine are important. Consider your whole being, and how fitness and nutrition complement each other, fueled by positive thinking and goals. Why? Don't just look better, but feel better too. 

So let's piece this together:

Holistic Health = Personalized training and exercise + nutrition + positive thinking + restoration = an empowered you. 

2) Weight training is for every body

We understand weights can seem daunting, intimidating, or merely unnecessary in your workout. Despite your goals of bulking up, developing a lean physique, or toning your assets, weights are invaluable in achieving your goals. 

Weights and reps can be adjusted to your goals and preferences, but really what affects muscle mass - or the appearance of "bulky" vs "lean" - really comes to your nutrition and diet. So, should you avoid heavy weights? The short answer - no, and here's why. 
3) Attitude is everything

If you believe you can, you will. This should be rooted in your own belief, but also in the instructor. We talked to Shane, the owner of Ascend Body, and he expressed the importance of every instructor carrying the values of positivity and empowerment, serving as motivational factors and inspiration to those who are training. 


"The instructor was fantastic because she took the time to help each of us understand the exercises. There was a great energy too - we were all there for a similar reason. I felt challenged, to the right level, and was sore for almost a week after my first class!" - Thomas R. 
 Stay tuned for future events and more opportunities to work out with Ascend Body!

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