Decathlon Supports Women's All B-Ball to Create Opportunities in Sport

At Decathlon, our mission is making sports more accessible to everyone. As part of this effort, we connected with Women’s All B-Ball, a non-profit aimed to create opportunities for women to play basketball recreationally and competitively as adults. 

Decathlon Supports Women's All B-Ball to Create Opportunities in Sport

Not too long ago, paths crossed at the perfect moment when we welcomed Rita Forte, Co-Founder of Women’s All B-Ball, into our store at Decathlon Emeryville to share our stories and missions to make sports more accessible throughout the Bay Area.

Wanting to create more opportunities for women to play basketball both for fun and competitively, Rita teamed up with Co-Founder Amanda Lesky to start Women's All B-Ball. Together, they are working to open up the gates and empower women to play the sport they love, as much as they can.

Rita explained her initiatives towards creating more opportunities by starting a crowdfunding campaign, with a goal of raising $15K throughout the month of July. With these funds, she plans on providing 3-on-3 outdoor tournament, East Bay and SF pick-up games, clinics, equipment, and more. Learn more on the All B-Ball website.

By showing our support and continuing to carry out our mission to the public, we jumped on the opportunity to help Rita’s cause. How, you may ask? The best way we know how - donating basketballs to Rita and her team so they can play more. With a donation of $250, All B-Ball supporters receive a swag bag, including a Decathlon basketball as part of the package.

We’re excited to see this organization continue to shoot for the stars.

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