Meet Decathlon's Golfing Brand, Inesis

Meet Decathlon's Golfing Brand, Inesis


Inesis, Decathlon’s in-house golf brand, is like many young and talented golfers on the PGA tour today: new, fresh and full of potential. We are incredibly excited to have opened the first store in the U.S., right here in San Francisco, and can’t wait to show the surrounding community what we have to offer.

Inesis (pronounced EH-NEH-SIS) was officially created in 2002. It focuses on accomplishing one simple mission: to make golf accessible to ALL. In today’s golf industry, it’s hard to find a decent set of clubs or balls that are not outrageously overpriced … unless you visit Decathlon. The Inesis product range is filled with quality golf products that are more affordable than those of 90% of other golf companies out there – guaranteed.

One of our top sellers and “hero” products is the soft golf ball 920. Geared toward the advanced golfer but suitable for all levels of play, a dozen of these 3-layered balls is half the price of most competitor products.

Another one of our showcase innovations is our golf set 500. This golf set comprises 7 clubs, a driver, hybrid, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter – clubs that are perfect for the beginning golfer. These clubs are made off of premium materials like titanium and graphite and will have you hitting those 300-yard drivers in no time.

Whether you are a beginning golfer or someone who has been playing for years, Inesis has something for you. I invite anyone who has an interest in the game to come check out our products at our store, conveniently located right in the middle of downtown San Francisco. You never know – you might just find that lucky club, ball or hat you’ve been tirelessly seeking.  

Welcome to our Decathlon family, and I hope to meet you soon!


inesis brand team


Written by:

Michael Salem

Golf Brand Manager

SF Bay Native, Experienced Golfer

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