Meet Decathlon's Hiking and Camping Brand, Quechua

Meet Decathlon's Hiking and Camping Brand, Quechua

Born in 1997, Quechua is Decathlon’s hiking and camping brand. Our objective is to create innovative, durable and reliable gear for everyone's outdoor adventures.

Quechua by decathlon

The Quechua brand was conceived at the foot of Mont Blanc in France. A founding team of nine people converted their apartment into an office, designing and transforming their visions into real-life, tangible products. Less than a year later, in the spring of 1998, the group launched its products geared toward hikers and campers in all Decathlon stores.

The name Quechua originates from the Quechua people, located at the heart of the Andes, in Peru. It serves as an example of integration and adaptation to the mountain environment. Its members live for the mountains and are devoted to protecting such environments while practicing a sustainable lifestyle. They developed a society based upon community, exchange and listening. These characteristics are the basis of what drives the heart of the Quechua.

quechua decathlonSince its creation, Quechua has evolved over the years as efforts of its passionate teammates are continuously motivated by their love and connection for the mountains. The future of our products are within our consumers, whom we observe, listen to, and rely on for product testing or feedback. From there, we design the innovative and futuristic gear that complete our priority: fulfilling customer expectations and desires.

The launch of the 2-Second Tent

"I dream of a tent which you just take out and it assembles itself" specified a user-tester in 2003. Challenge accomplished, thanks to the months of hard work by Jean François Ratel and his team.

In 2005, one of our most innovative products to date was born: the 2-Second Tent. Setting up and securing a tent properly is difficult. People wanted an easier alternative, which led our product engineers to create the tent that assembles itself up with the single action of popping it open. With an instant-opening system, this freestanding tent has revolutionized camping, allowing ease and convenience for any trip.


The 10-year warranty of Quechua backpacks

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Your best travel companion needs to be able to last with you on your journeys across planet Earth. To enjoy adventures over the years with the same pack that can relive the stories with you, all our backpacks have a 10-year guarantee. This includes our hero backpack and worldwide bestseller, the Arpenaz 10L day hiking backpack. Lightweight, durable and at just $3.49, it truly enables anyone to get outdoors and explore the great wilderness.


If a bag gets damaged over time due to wear and tear, you can have it repaired rather than buying a new one. The 10-year Quechua guarantee offers repairs in regional workshops in connection with Decathlon stores' workshops.

We’re confident in the durability and quality of our products, which is why we provide a 10-year guarantee on each pack. Before release, our product development teams subject every future item to both field tests conducted by users and product engineers, as well as lab tests to ensure product durability over the long term.

From design to prototype, hundreds of hiking enthusiasts contribute their insights, preferences, and expertise to develop the hiking products of tomorrow. Without your involvement and input, Quechua wouldn't be where it is today. Our aim is to make hiking and camping available to everybody, regardless of level or location. Quechua supports your ventures through mountains and lakes, across valleys and canyons. Together, we strive to connect you with nature.

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