Meet Decathlon's Horse Riding Brand, Fouganza

Meet Decathlon's Horse Riding Brand, Fouganza

Created by horse riding enthusiasts, Fouganza has been Decathlon’s horseback riding brand since 2005. 

At Fouganza, we’re all experienced riders or novices, practicing occasionally or regularly. We make every effort to create technical and innovative products for riders at every level.

For every one of us, horseback riding is a sport that should remain simple and playful. That’s why we work tirelessly to offer you inventive equipment that responds well to the needs of youth and adult riders alike.

Every day, we make it our mission to create a strong relationship between quality and price. We put design aesthetic, safety, comfort and durability at the core of our product ideation while striving to make horse riding affordable. This guarantees harmony between the horse and its rider.

Our Innovations

Like each Decathlon brand, Fouganza specially crafts its "hero" product around untapped needs of riders. These Kipwarm breeches were crafted for colder climates to help you stay warm and dry while riding. Made with comfortable fleece lining and waterproof-coated outer layer, water slides right off of the fabric.

For experienced riders of all disciplines, our 900 Leather Long Boots are designed for all-weather purposes, providing more flexibility and leg contact with your horse than other comparative designs. The discrete elastic strip along the back of the calf provides a unique “second skin” fit.

This Tinckle Saddle Cloth/Pad has a two-in-one design, protecting your horse’s back from pressure while absorbing perspiration from the horse to help maintain the condition of your saddle. Comfort for the withers meets topline ventilation along the horse’s back with this cloth.

Our Synthetic General Purpose Saddle provides great value for riders seeking an affordable, high-quality ride. With a deep seat that offers security and stability, the rider will feel safe during riding to experience comfort and peace of mind. Cleaning is simple too, as you only need water!


Where does the name 'Fouganza' come from?

The creators of Fouganza wanted to associate the rider and their horse.

As such, the name Fouganza comprises three parts:

  • “FOUG” represents the fervor and fougue, or fire in French, of the horse;
  • “ANZ” is a contraction of elegance linked with sport;
  • “A” highlights femininity, as 70 percent of all riders are female.


    Fouganza team, Horse riding brand by Decathlon

    Discover our passionate team member headquartered in France, and their many fields of expertise.

    Our team members have different riding levels: some of us are at level 2, 4 or 7 according to the Galop exams in France, where the brand originated. Others are former exam monitors.

    We love the diversity of horseback riding and have an appreciation for the many routes you can choose to take your riding adventures toward. Certain people dream of wild rides through the country, while others dream of show-jumping podiums.

    We all share a common ambition: To create and offer products and services adapted to the needs of riders and their horses.

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