Meet Decathlon's Racket Sports Brand, Artengo

Meet Decathlon's Racket Sports Brand, Artengo

A name, an ambition, a state-of-mind certainly, but Artengo is even more than that.

Artengo is above all, a team of professionals passionate about racket sports united around the same desire: the development of products consistently striving to adapt to your needs.

In our Tech Center, our teams observe and listen to players in all our racket sports. By consulting and sharing with professional players and coaches, our product managers, engineers and designers are inspired to innovate, design and test all of the products in the Artengo collection.

Technical Sponsors

Artengo continues to collaborate with industry professionals and athletes that influence the evolution of the more advanced Artengo products, ensuring they meet the needs of expert players and pro players. Past partners have included Oliver Marach, a former num. 2 ranked tennis player in the world, and Nicolas Escudé, a former 17th ranked player in the world. Oliver helped develop, to his style of play, the 990 Pro Plus, which he used to win the 2018 Australian Open. We also worked with world-ranking squash player Camille Serme, who helped develop our SR990, which she used to compete. Our newest addition is the collaboration with France's top-ranked professional tennis player, Gaël Monfils. Together, Gaël Monfils and the Artengo team have worked to develop the TR960 Control series.


Artengo also focuses on research and innovation to make our products better than any other on the market because of the way they cater to you, the player. Take for example the SoftFeel technology we developed for our rackets. Adding wood to a tennis racket may seem like an homage to the 70s, but Artengo simply wanted to solve an elementary problem for tennis enthusiasts: comfort on impact. When it boils down to it, 50% of players get tennis elbow at some point and end up giving up the game. With this in mind, Artengo decided to build thin layers of balsa wood in their rackets whose mechanical properties include excellent vibration dampening. After almost 2 years of research and development, the SoftFeel concept of combining graphite and balsa was born. Vibrations are reduced by 50% on each impact which is almost twice as much as competitors’ rackets. Resulting in an innovation that enables tennis lovers to play as often as they want without worrying about injury!


Our "Hero" Products

Rollnet Artengo Decathlon
Artengo has even more innovative products in our other sports as well like the adjustable Ping Pong Rollnet set (under $18) and quick setup Easynet badminton set. We aim to make racket sports accessible to anyone who wants to play so we are always open to hearing your opinion on our products so that we can improve in the future. Artengo excels because we are tennis lovers too. We are constantly on the field testing out products alongside our users. Come test with us - you can demo items like the rackets and balls at our events!






You can learn more about our brand, get behind the scenes of the design of our products, get to know our experts, discover our advice by exploring the Artengo website.

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