The 2-Second Tent: Over 15 Years of Innovation

Over 15 years ago, Decathlon's Quechua team designed and created the first 2-Second Tent with the goal to make camping - and getting outdoors - easier than ever.

The 2-Second Tent: Over 15 Years of Innovation

After pulling into one too many campsites near dark, a Decathlon product engineer set out on a mission: to make a tent that you can simply "toss in the air, and it lands fully assembled."

The goal? To make camping easier than ever, whether you're new to camping or just looking to simplify your camp setup. The process for designing the 2-Second tent started in 2003 and has continued through today with new innovations and adaptations to make the 2-Second tent better than ever - rainproof and wind resistant, with a new fabric design that offers temperature control and total blackout for your best night's sleep. Keep reading to discover more about the design process behind the 2-Second tent (and more is to come!).

The Story of the 2 Second Tent 



The idea was born.

Challenged with the idea to create a tent that can "assemble itself," our team of product engineers and designers got to work.


First prototypes were created.

After 6 months of work, the first prototypes were produced! It was a success! Soon after, we began selling this revolutionary 2-Second tent. 


Celebrating 10 years of love.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our award-winning, innovative 2-second tent, we invited fans to share their suggestions for one-of-a-kind customized model. 


Creation of an easy-fold system.

Following product feedback over the years, our Quechua design teams, now based in the Mont Blanc Valley in the French Alps, developed a new system to fold up the 2-Second tent more easily and faster. Watch the video on how to fold your 2 Second tent.


The journey continues: fresh designs & sustainable actions.

Our teams are continuing to innovate fresh designs to make getting outdoors easier and even better than before. With our ongoing commitment to sustainability and better protecting our planet, we are not only creating new tent designs but are working to repair or reuse as much products as we can. We want future generations to be able to discover and explore the outdoors just as we can.


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