Who We Are: Triban

Who We Are: Triban

2019 marks the start of a new adventure for Triban out on the roads. An adventure full of risk, support, curiosity and bravery… aiming to go further, more often, always discovering more.

Our Team

Triban is a team of passionate cyclists, based in Lille, Flanders. A team of women and men who share the passion of road cycling without any concept of time: simply enjoying the pleasure of road cycling, sharing moments with friends while discovering fabulous landscapes and beautiful places.

Our aim is to enable anyone to go further, more often because we believe freedom and adventure are just around the next corner.

Our Values

At Triban, we each share the will to make road cycling accessible to everyone.

We are ensure that nobody is left behind and that road cycling continues to be a pleasure for everyone. We are curious to open new doors, to look, understand and learn new things. And we are bold and tenacious so that even if we are not looking to break records we will push projects beyond our own limits, never giving up no matter what it takes.

Our ambition

Our ambition at Triban is to share our passion with as many people as possible. We are convinced that everybody can experience the pleasure and benefits of cycling.

Beyond this, we need to understand and support the frequent cyclists, offering them innovative solutions so that they can enjoy their passion more and more. Rethinking road cycling and respecting the need for speed, but focusing on improved comfort, pleasure, and safety.

Finally, road cycling offers unlimited possibilities for those who love to get away and explore. Those who want to overcome barriers and open doors into great adventures. If you want to discover far off lands and face both personal and collective challenges taking you far from the reality of everyday life… don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you either.

Our projects

In 2019, Triban focused on 3 developments;

  • The RC520, the most comfortable bike we have ever designed
  • The new road cycling shoe, efficient while pedaling and comfortable during breaks
  • The Gravel RC520, our first foray in the gravel world.

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