3 Places to Connect with Nature in the Bay Area

3 Places to Connect with Nature in the Bay Area

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. –Zen Shin

I often like to believe this quote is reflective of human nature and its interconnectivity; as flowers grow and embrace one another into a sphere of one peaceful environment, it is our social responsibility as humans to follow nature’s path.

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That’s why, this weekend, we take the time to appreciate and embrace the connection between ourselves and the nature that surrounds us here in the Bay Area. This weekend, we celebrate the longevity of this Earth and all the beauty, peace, and clarity it has offered us, all while expecting little in return.

There is no better way to feel more connected with our Earth than by exploring the purity of nature around us and practicing yoga or meditation. Here are some of our favorite spots to disconnect with our routines, self-connect with nature, and rejuvenate our souls with earth’s beauty:

National Forests

Let the trails guide you into the Redwoods where you can surround yourself with hundreds of trees, while erasing all thoughts and absorbing the sounds of the rushing waterfalls and birds chirping throughout the forest.

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Go-to favorites

  • Muir Woods
  • Oakland Redwoods


San Francisco Favorite

Sutro Forest: You'll be whisked away into a whimsical fairyland in the middle of San Francisco. Located in the Inner Sunset.

Japanese Tea Garden: Enjoy the serenity and tranquility of this Japanese-inspired garden inside Golden Gate Park - not quite there redwoods, but still a plant and greenery filled scene to connect with your soul. Free admission Mon, Wed and Fri before 10 AM. 


Coastal Oceans

Here in San Francisco, we have unlimited access to the beautiful, sandy coastlines of California. Immerse yourself in what the beach has to offer; heighten your senses by the windswept sand, the sound of rolling waves, and the light breeze of salty air. Let it clear away all noise in the mind and leave only the purest form of one’s self to connect with the ocean.

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Go-to favorites

  • Ocean Beach
  • Baker Beach
  • Kirby Cove

San Francisco Favorite

Lands End Labyrinth: Wander down the Lands End Trail and come across the this beautiful arrangement of rocks overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, perfect for Samhain meditation. 

Bay Area Mountains

Let the mountains absorb you into its natural wonders; get elevated while becoming grounded throughout the beautiful mountain ranges of the Bay. Here, you will be surrounded by endless elements that test all of your senses, leaving you feeling refueled and fulfilled by nature’s offerings.

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Go-to favorites

  • Mt. Tamalpais
  • Mt. Diablo
  • Mt. Saint Helena

San Francisco Favorite

Mount Davidson: It may be blanketed with fog at times, but fog or sans-fog, this mild trail leads to sweeping views (or feels) of San Francisco. Enjoy rainforest-like acoustics and the many wild, native plants along the way up. 


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