6 Good Reasons to Take Up Boxing

If you are looking for a well-rounded sport, with multiple benefits, not just for the body but also for the mind, then boxing is a great choice!

6 Good Reasons to Take Up Boxing

Here are 6 good reasons to take up boxing:

1/ Boxing: a Sport That Tones and Sculpts the Body

Boxing is a sport with regular and repeated movements which naturally tones the muscles. Whether it's learning the correct punching techniques and movements, or functional exercises such as push-ups, squats or sit-ups, the entire body is challenged and gradually toned: The arms, abs, legs and glutes, as well as many others!

2/ You Will Burn Calories and Fat All Over Your Body

Boxing is a sport that gets you sweating quickly. You can burn hundreds of calories in an hour of boxing. This obviously depends on your intensity level, the type of exercise, your starting fitness level and your weight.
As you burn calories, boxing will burn those stored as fat, around the belly for example, but it does not stop there. As boxing is a dynamic sport, the arms, glutes and quads will also feel the benefit.

3/ Boxing Improves Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Boxing increases your heart rate, which helps strengthen your heart muscles. It is also a sport that mixes intensity and recovery. Whether you’re working with a punching bag, sparring or using a jump rope, this interval work progressively improves your endurance and therefore your cardiovascular fitness.

4/ You Get Stronger

Boxing does not only sculpt your muscles, but actively strengthens them: The arms and legs of course, but your torso benefits in particular, not only the abs, but also the back and the hips. A strong and well-muscled torso will help you to hold on longer during the exercises, to perfect your technique and improve your posture, as well as the precision of your movements.

5/ Boxing Makes You Feel Good

Sport is a great way to release endorphins, the hormones that give you a feeling of well-being. With the intensity of boxing you will release these endorphins quite quickly. What better way to unwind than with a punching bag after a hard day?

Boxing is also a very good way to build self-confidence, as you learn punching, dodging and moving techniques. Don’t forget that it is a sport that makes you push your limits, which works your endurance, not only physical but also mental.

6/ With the Right Equipment, You Can Choose Where to Practice

You can, of course, practice boxing in a gym or boxing gym, where punching bags, shields etc. will be provided. But with the right equipment and a little space, you can also practice it at home.
Depending on your mood and your equipment, you can do it alone or with a motivated partner.

Still Unsure?

Alright... Here are two little tips to get you interested!

Forget clichés and stereotypes:
Boxing is not about getting beaten up! YOU decide what kind of boxing you want to do. With cardio boxing for example, there is no sparring, but you can still keep the physical and emotional benefits of boxing. And, even if you do want to practice sparring, YOU and your partner decide how intense you want to be.

Box at YOUR pace and gradually:
Boxing is a physical sport, which quickly gets your cardio and muscles working. If you are just starting out, take it slowly and listen to your body. As you will be using your resources and sweating, take quick-sugar foods and drink plenty of water.

We hope we have helped you see that there are many benefits to boxing. Each benefit enhances the others, so that you’ll see that boxing can quickly become a virtuous circle in your daily life.

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