6 Ways to Practice Proper Yoga Etiquette

6 Ways to Practice Proper Yoga Etiquette

"Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.” – Unknown


Yoga is very special in a sense that each person’s practice is deeply personal. It absorbs the present-self and eliminates all other elements that disrupt the present. Yoga has a multitude of styles and can be practiced in many different environments. Regardless of where you practice, and which style is your go-to, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind so you can be respectful to everyone around you to ensure you have a happy, healthy practice.

  • 1. Be on time
  • This may sound simple, but it’s a very important rule and many studios don’t allow you to join class after it has begun. It’s a matter of respect: for yourself and your practice, for the teacher, but also for others who are trying to connect with their present-self and focus on their practice. On the bright side - this means you have time to relax, focus on breathing, and get loose with some stretching before the class begins.

  • 2. No phones allowed
  • Yoga is a place to “Disconnect to Self-connect." Most studios and classes ask that you keep your phone off to prevent any outside elements to disrupt the class. Sweet and simple, make sure to leave your phone off and out of the room during the class so you can focus fully on your practice.  

  • 3. Bare feet are best
  • This may seem weird for the extra sporty people when they go to their first yoga class, but shoes or socks not required for yoga, and it helps you grip your mat better as you transition from pose to pose. Downward dog is no fun in slippery socks!

  • 4. Keep it clean
  • You are sharing a space with others, so be mindful. You may get sweaty, so bathe don’t wear too much perfume or cologne. Have a towel ready for more sweaty sessions. Also, return any equipment you used during your class back to where you got them.

  • 5. Stay off others’ mats
  • Not only is this simple logic when it comes to hygiene, but it’s also respectful. Some people believe their mat is an extension of themselves and their practice, so it’s important to keep your feet and hands off anyone else’s mat.

  • 6. Practice non-judgment
  • You may not be able to do the arm balance like the individual in front of you, or nestle your face into your shins in standing forward fold like the instructor. Don’t judge yourself, and don’t judge others. Each person is exactly where they are meant to be in their practice. So be kind, be humble and focus on your breath.


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