Cardio Boxing, a Mix of Boxing and Fitness

Cardio boxing is attracting a growing audience, and this is because this sport has recognized benefits and is becoming a type of boxing in its own right!

Cardio Boxing, a Mix of Boxing and Fitness

Contrary to popular belief, boxing doesn’t necessary imply competition or confrontation. Boxing is also about sequences of movements and well-mastered techniques that make it a real sport choreography.

1/ Fun and Technical

The physical benefits of this sport are undeniable, boxing lets you work your cardio and do important muscle work while training your coordination with specific sequences of movements. These benefits go hand in hand with other benefits related to your mood, because yes, cardio boxing also helps you unwind, release pressure, and gain confidence. Cardio boxing can, like boxing, give you a feeling of power as you push your physical limits. You can quickly see yourself making progress in cardio boxing and once you get the hang of them, the technical gestures (jab, cross, uppercut, hook, etc.) become more and more natural and fluid, allowing the boxer to concentrate on their speed or on new sequences.

2/ Appealing and Accessible

So why does cardio boxing appeal to so many people? Social media is showing several scenarios, with men, women, and more and more children practicing cardio boxing. This can be explained by the emergence of the fitness trend or by the esthetic benefits of this calorie-burning sport that involves several muscle groups. On the other hand, cardio boxing is nice to watch because it is a playful sport that focuses on the boxer.

Cardio boxing in itself has no gender and no levels. It is practiced as much by experienced boxers, even professionals, as by beginners and appeals equally to men and women. Cardio boxing is essential for the physical preparation of boxers and can also be useful for physical preparation for other sports!

A major advantage of cardio boxing is the lack of competition: It provides all the physical benefits of boxing without the apprehension that comes with sparring. This sport is more accessible and can be practiced by all ages.

3/ Safe Boxing

Cardio boxing can be practiced with either gloves or mitts. During exercises on punching bags or bear paws, the boxer doesn’t have to worry about the power of the impact even if they are a beginner. As long as you are properly equipped (mitts and gloves with well-padded foam), the risk of injury is low. Additionally, the power of impact can vary according to what the boxer is looking for. Speed, coordination and technique exercises do not necessarily go hand in hand with hard impact and these offer alternatives to athletes who want to diversify their training.

4/ Not Always an Individual Sport

Boxing is often seen as an individual sport, but it requires interaction and paying attention to your partner or coach. In the case of cardio boxing, the boxer can train alone but also with a coach and/or several other boxers, as many gyms offer. Practicing with other boxers brings a social aspect and gives motivation, and the energy of the group helps you to push your limits. Going to a cardio boxing class with friends or colleagues is an experience that brings you all together.

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