Four Tips for Preventing Foot Perspiration

Fitness walking, like all sports, makes your body temperature rise. Perspiration is the body's natural temperature regulator, but here's the downside: this excess water and salt in your fitness walking shoes often makes them uncomfortable, and can lead to blisters and unpleasant odors. Our handy smart tips for untying your shoes... with no unpleasant surprises!

Four Tips for Preventing Foot Perspiration
1 - Before a fitness walking session: prepare your feet

Perspiration often occurs during exercise. But did you know that this natural phenomenon is also brought on by other factors? These include fatigue, stress, or excess weight.

Before each of your fitness walking sessions, it's essential to take the time to primp your fitness walking allies: your feet!

Your well-being ritual before you go out walking:

• Regular washing

• Exfoliation to remove dead skin and make your skin more breathable

• A foot bath with a sage decoction (anti-perspiration properties)

• Application of anti-perspiration (and often perfumed) cream or alum stone.

Before you put your shoes on, make sure that your feet are completely dry: remove any moisture. Don't forget to dry in between your toes!


2 - During exercise: opt for ventilated fitness walking shoes

When you go fitness walking, you need to choose the right pair of shoes. To prevent the unpleasant feeling of wet feet, the best thing to do is avoid overheating. Opt for ventilated fitness walking shoes!

• Good to know: all Newfeel fitness walking shoes are made of mesh, a fabric that allows perspiration to be wicked away more easily.


3 - Socks, the "anti-perspiration" ally for fitness walking!

Let's be honest: in summer, it's rather tempting to go barefoot in your fitness walking shoes. However, wearing socks provides several benefits.

• Protect your feet from blisters and chafing, as moist skin in direct contact with the sole can make your feet warm as you walk.

• Absorb excess moisture

• Prevent sweat directly attacking the interior of your shoes and damaging their technical features


4 - After exercise: air out your fitness walking shoes

Perspiration is almost naturally odor-free. The bacteria and fungus that develop in your shoes are responsible for creating unpleasant smelling gases.

The solution? As soon as you get back, open up your shoes completely, leave them to air dry and take out the removable insoles. You can also use a purifying spray or sprinkle sodium bicarbonate inside your shoes. This will absorb any odors and prevent fungus from developing.


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