How to Choose a Golf Ball

How to Choose a Golf Ball

Are you a beginner?

Ideal for novice golfers, these basic 2-piece balls are designed to transfer all the energy from your swing into pure distance. One ball in the water, another in the bushes? Don’t worry, all beginners go through this stage. With these low-priced balls, you can play multiple rounds without breaking the bank.


Intermediate players

If you’re an intermediate golfer (index between 30 and 15), the ball’s feel is important and can affect your game. A softer ball will make satisfying contact with the club. With a core and outer shell specifically designed for soft contact, these balls provide the best feel when playing.

Expert players

Expert golfers (index less than 15) must control their distances, especially on approach shots. Your stroke quality, or your ability to make perfect contact with the ball, determines how the ball will behave on the green. Opt for a ball that has both a Surlyn mid-layer and a urethane cover for maximum backspin on approaches and a soft touch throughout the game.


What color should your ball be?

Some ball colors are easier to see depending on your visual acuity, the golf course, and the season.

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