How to Choose a Putter

How to Choose a Putter

Our new Right-Handed Face-Balanced Mallet Putter is engineered for the perfect hit

With the help of over 100 golfers, Decathlon's Inesis brand has designed a range of putters that has exactly what you're looking for. With the insight we've gathered both on and off the green, we've developed a quick, simple, and effective method that'll be sure to help you choose the right putter for your size and swing.

Your size

Height and arm length are the first factor to take into consideration when choosing the right putter for you. While these are often correlative, arm span has some variance--with some taller people having a proportionally shorter wingspan and some shorter people having a proportionally longer one. You'll want to determine the distance between your hands (at your sides) and the ground. For most, that means your ideal putter length will be around 33 to 34 inches. And for most, we've decided to design 33'' and 34'' putters to meet the needs of 90% of golfers.

Getting the right-sized putter is essential to ensure that the head of your putter will be perfectly straight in front of the ball, allowing for better distance, direction, and control.

Your posture

After you pick the right putter, you'll want to make sure you have the correct posture. When you position yourself in front of the ball, you'll notice that you're about 2 or 3 centimeters away. To make sure you're in proper alignment, you'll want to look straight down at ball with your dominant eye. If your dominant eye is aligned, the rest of your posture is likely aligned as well. If you notice that your dominant eye is focused between your feet and the ball, you might be putting along a curved path instead of a straight one.


Putter balance is the orientation of the club face when it is balanced on its shaft.

If the face is perfectly horizontal, the putter is "face-balanced". It's naturally more perpendicular to the putting line and therefore corresponds with an aligned putting motion.

If the face points towards the ground at a 30° angle horizontally, the putter is said to have a "30° toe hang". This type of balance is suitable for players who putt in an arc.

Tip: Place the putter on a table to see its balance

Our putter range includes the following:

You can choose which of these two head shapes will allow you to putt more confidently.


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