How to Choose Your Hiking Socks

Long or short, summer or winter; your choice of hiking boots will depend on 4 criteria: the usage, the duration of the walk, the season, and the height. Check out how to make your hikes more comfortable so you can make the most out of them

How to Choose Your Hiking Socks

While you should choose the best hiking shoe before you depart, your socks are also an essential part to a comfortable and enjoyable experience 


1. Usage

Mountain Hiking

When mountain hiking, rubbing should be limited as much as possible to prevent blisters.

Lowland Hiking

Greater comfort is required when walking across lowland.

2. Duration of Walks

The longer the walk, the greater the breathability required. A long walk is classified as being over 3 hours.

3. Season

As the temperature varies depending on season, select from our “cold weather” or “hot weather" shoes;  for shoes suitable for both winter and summer, pick a pair of “mild weather” shoes! Don't forget a jacket to go along with it!

4. Height

The height of your socks must always be greater or equivalent to that of your shoes in order to avoid ankle rubbing.

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