How to Choose your Snow Boots

Long or short, summer or winter. We've got some advice so that you can select the best model for you. The selection of warm or après-skis shoes is based on 3 criteria: the use, the duration of the outing, and the weather forecast. Find out when to pick what

How to Choose your Snow Boots

Greater comfort and freedom of movement is required when walking across lowland.

On the contrary, when mountain hiking, you will also need the support of a warm shoe



The duration of your hikes is often linked to level:

Shorter hikes
For a short period (less than 3 hours) heel cushioning is adequate

Medium to long hikes
For medium to long periods (over 3 hours) you will require built-in cushioning.


Weather Conditions

Some people plan outings dependent on good weather, others are more daring. Which category do you generally fall in?

If you only hike in good weather, you will require breathability.

If you are hiking in all weather, you will require waterproofing.

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