How to Get into Running

How to Get into Running

Looking to get into running? The great thing about running is that you can run at the level you’re comfortable with; running doesn’t need to be a painful activity.

The strategy

If you’re new to running, I suggest implementing a lot of walking. Start by walking for 10 minutes to get warmed up. Next, try running for 5 minutes, BUT BEFORE YOU DO, set a pace in which you can still hold a conversation. Trust me, if you’re huffing and puffing out the gate, you are running too fast. We are not looking for a sprint, but instead for a controlled effort to achieve our first goal.

Set your first goal at a 3 x 5-minute run. To achieve this goal, take a 2-minute walk after every 5 minutes of running (add more time if needed, and remember to run the 5 minutes at a pace in which you can hold conversation). After you’ve completed your 3 sets, you can cool down by doing another 10-minute walk.

Practice makes perfect

I’d suggest doing this every 2 days to start. The golden rule is to never increase your total weekly run time by more than 10% every three weeks. This gives your body the time it needs to adapt to the running. Once the above-mentioned workout seems too easy,  you can shorten the rest time or lengthen the run time. Feel free to get creative! You’ll find that after several weeks, your fitness will improve, and perhaps you’ll be able to run the full 20 minutes without walking!

A note before you start

Always remember to check with your doctor and make sure you’re in good health before attempting any physical activity. Don’t forget that running is an aerobic exercise, and you can help your running by doing other activities such as riding a bike or swimming. These activities are great additions to the days you aren’t running or as replacements for a scheduled run. Find someone at your fitness level and ask them to join you. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to run when you’re in good company.

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