How to Hit a Good Forehand With Topspin

How to Hit a Good Forehand With Topspin

Topspin is one of the most commonly used techniques in tennis games. It generates greater power on shots but keeping the ball within boundaries of the court. The ball also bounces higher and moves more aggressively towards your opponent.

Turn your shoulders early

Once you know the ball is coming to your forehand side, turn your body right away in that direction so that your non-hitting shoulder faces the net. Then move your racket back and use your non-hitting arm as a counterbalance.

Drop your racket down

Drop it down and turn the racket head face down to make it approximately parallel to the ground.

Swing low to high

Swing your racket from low to high so you can brush upwards on the ball, around 6-12 o'clock on the clock face.

Make contact in front of the body

This helps you swing up on the ball more effectively as it follows the natural path of the swing motion.

Swing through across the opposite shoulder

Maintain your momentum by swinging continuously from start to finish to allow your arm to swing around fully.

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