How to Take Care of Your Hiking Water Bottle

How to Take Care of Your Hiking Water Bottle
Before first use

Before first using it, it is important to thoroughly rinse your new bottle, its cap and seal three times. Run it under clean water. This will help remove any residues that may still remain. Allow the cap and bottle to dry separately (upside-down to enable the water to fully drain out).

A water bottle for cold drinks

Your water bottle is designed to transport cold drinks. It will not keep hot liquids hot for very long. It is not insulated, whether made from plastic or aluminum.

For hot drinks, use a thermos or flask instead!

The freezer: your water bottle's enemy

If you are looking to keep your drink cool, you must avoid putting your water bottle in the freezer. This is because, as it freezes, the liquid inside the water bottle expands, and could even cause it to burst, whether made from plastic or metal. You can use an insulating cover to help you keep your drink cool for longer.

Careful cleaning and drying

After each use, clean your water bottle and its cap in clean water, using a little soap.Take special care when cleaning if you have used your water bottle for sugary drinks, to prevent the development of mould.

You can also clean your water bottle in the dishwasher, if required. Warning, when washing in the dishwasher, the cap seal may come off. If this happens, remember to replace it as it helps keep your bottle watertight. Whether washing by hand or in the dishwasher, make sure you allow your bottle and cap to fully dry separately.

Finally, store your bottle with its cap left off.


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