List of Essentials for Stargazing

You will find below the essentials to put in your backpack before going to count the shooting stars!

List of Essentials for Stargazing
The essentials:

Every year, in the heart of summer, three evenings are devoted to stargazing. .So as not to lose anything of the spectacle and observe the sky in the best possible conditions, we're sharing a list of the essentials to remember:

- backpack,

- sweater,

- binoculars,

- blanket or fleece,

- pillow,

- tarp,

- flask,

- mosquito repellant,

- lamp, lantern or headlamp.


Eat under the stars

To share a dinner in the heart of nature with the stars above you, you need to bring:

- a cookset with cutlery, mugs, and plates,

- a low table and camping chair,

- a stove.


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