Maintaining Your Cross Trainer

Maintaining Your Cross Trainer

Stay safe on your cross trainer and extend its lifetime by cleaning and maintaining it regularly.

Take a minute to clean your cross trainer!

Remember to clean your cross trainer with a damp cloth after every workout. Keeping your gear in great shape will keep you motivated. When cleaning, look out for any droplets of sweat, which is corrosive and can leave a lasting mark on your machine.

Please note: always unplug your cross trainer before cleaning it, and leave it unplugged when not in use.

If your model also has a heart rate sensor, don't forget to clean it after every session.

Check the key parts of your cross trainer regularly

The most important thing is how stable your fitness equipment is. Look out for signs of it rocking - often indicated by unusual noises during workouts - as this might mean that the feet aren't correctly adjusted. A stable machine will be quieter and safer.

In the interests of safety, regularly check that all of the screws are tight.


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