Our Top Picks for Week One of March Madness

Our Top Picks for Week One of March Madness

It’s finally March and you know what that means! Basketball season is in full motion, and it’s time for college basketball all-month long. Our players and sports leaders are placing their bets and building their brackets, closely watching how the teams place. Want some insight on their picks? Here are the 5 teams to keep an eye out for during this tournament, according to them:

1) Duke University

Duke is consistently a strong contender year-round but, their downfall is the fact they’ve lost to unranked teams countless times. Nonetheless, the Blue Devils are still competing at the top and we're betting on them to pull through.

2) Michigan State University

Next up we’ve got Michigan State. They won 12 games straight against Big-10 competitors, and are ranked 3rd in defense. With numbers like that, it seems unlikely they’ll fade away.

3) Purdue University

Purdue managed to go on a 19 game winning streak, which only four other teams have been able to match. Add that along to the fact that they’re one of the best shooting teams in the country. It’s easy to see why they should be feared.

4) University of Michigan

Similar to Duke, University of Michigan is a very capable and strong team paired with a great defensive set. They too lost a good amount of games to teams that should’ve been an easy win, but don't take them out of the count just yet.

5) University of Virginia

Last but not least, we have hot pick University of Virginia, who has the best defense in the nation and are the No. 1 seed overall. Let's see what the Cavaliers will bring!

Good luck, and let the games continue!

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